Wu Jian visited retired senior cadres

New Valley news (reporter Zhang Bin) Spring Festival is coming, the old cold feeling deep.On January 26, Wu Jian, secretary of the County Party Committee, visited ma Hualin, Yuan Shangxiao and other retired cadres and extended his cordial greetings to them.He stressed that to do a good job in the retired veteran cadres work, political more care, thought more communication, life more care, spirit more care, attentively with affection, meticulous and thoughtful to do a good job in the service to ensure work, enthusiastic for the veteran cadres do practical work, do good things, solve difficult things.Everywhere he went, Wu Jian had a long talk with the veteran cadres, asking them about their daily life and health condition with concern, recalling the past, talking about the present and the future with the veteran cadres, and sincerely thanking them for their contributions to the development of Gangu.Wu was delighted to see the veteran cadres in good health and spirit, and wished them a happy New Year, longevity and health and a happy family.He said that the veteran cadres have laid a good foundation and created favorable conditions for the reform and development of Gangu. He hoped that the veteran cadres would continue to give full play to the light and heat in the New Year and offer more advice and suggestions for the construction and development of Gangu.We must inherit and carry forward the fine style and tradition of the veteran cadres, and concentrate our efforts to do all the work better.Thanks to the county party committee county government’s care to take care of retired veteran cadres, for the past year under the background of the epidemic prevention and control, the county party committee county government challenge led the county people’s endeavor, and catch up with the achievements across give affirmation, for GanGu risen, continue to feel heartfelt happy, a good development trend have said will, as always, attention and support GanGu economic and social development,Continue to actively into the development of the cause of Ganu, as far as possible for the development of the county to contribute their own strength.

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