Why not nationalize rural land?

Among the different voices of land reform, one is to nationalize the rural land. They believe that the current land is actually nationalized. Instead, it is better to nationalize the land in a legitimate way and let the farmers become industrial workers and be paid wages by the state.This statement is incorrect and cannot solve the problems of China’s agriculture, rural areas and peasants.Unlike industry, agriculture has strict product standards, and workers’ output or remuneration can be determined by the quality and quantity of the products they produce.In this way, the initiative of workers and their remuneration are naturally combined effectively.If agriculture is nationalized and farmers become industrial workers, the value of agricultural products is difficult to be measured by the quality and quantity provided by agricultural workers due to the lack of unified standards.Second, when farmers do not have land, they work for the “state” or collective, which costs a lot of supervision. The state needs to establish a system and personnel to supervise farmers’ labor, which obviously increases the cost of agricultural products and reduces the efficiency of agricultural production.In a word, nationalization of rural land is not the direction of China’s land system reform.

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