Why do people want 2% to 3% time deposits when they have 4% to 5%?The answer to the

Our country has become the second largest economy in the world, and people are earning a lot more than before.Everyone loves money. Without money, they can’t even meet the basic needs of life. And money will run out one day, so people want to manage their finances.In order to adapt to the development of society, banks have launched a lot of financial products. Generally, the yield of these financial products can reach 4% or even 5%. In contrast, the interest rate of time deposits is only 2% or 3%.But people don’t want 4% to 5%, but prefer 2% or even 3% fixed deposits. Why is that?The answer is, it can solve people’s confusion.Bring wealth storage conditions of different time savings account and financial management has a very significant difference between these two approaches, time deposit interest rates were made according to the fixed number of year of the deposit, usually 123 or five years, a lot of people don’t know, in the current several fixed number of year of the deposits, the highest interest rate is not a five-year deposit account, but a period of three years.Therefore, if you want to earn more interest, you can open a three-year time deposit.There are many ways to manage your money, such as funds, stocks, bonds and foreign exchange.It is true that the interest rate of these financial services is higher than that of time deposit, but there are some risks in financial management, and your investment and gain may be mismatched. Is this result really acceptable to many people?Moreover, some financial management methods require high principal, which ordinary people cannot afford.Most people will have to deposit their money in time deposits.▲ Fund lack of relevant knowledge many people will have no specific concept of financial management, and people in the bank card from the moment gradually familiar with the operation of the bank, as long as the people in the bank business, they should know that the bank deposit methods have several bar, the interest rate may also remember more clearly.What about money management?Ordinary people should not know which kinds of financial management methods, even if they say a way, they do not know, such as fund, national debt, many people they may be a little understanding, they are completely unfamiliar with the product itself, how can they want to buy products?People who work all day don’t want to read about money management, which is hard to understand, so people are more comfortable with the familiar term deposits.▲ Wealth management bank depositors at the moment the most money is nothing more than those rich people, in fact, there is a group is also very rich, that is the elderly.They have lived half their lives, so they must have a house and everything, and they have accumulated a lot of wealth.They don’t think about houses, mortgages and car payments the way younger people do.They enjoy their old age and lose their desire for everything, especially the desire to buy things.They besides eating too much spending should be no other spending, they money will be more and more in his hand, and they will be the money deposit to the bank in regular way, the elderly should be bank of the main and important customers, they are not familiar with the products, also know that finance is have earned to compensate, they dare not risk is too big to buy financial products,Old people can’t stand losing it.Compared with financial management and time deposit, people prefer time deposit with lower interest rate. There must be some reasons for people to make this choice. After reading the above, you will understand people’s choice.

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