Trust is the power that changes everything

Ni haoming is more eager than anyone else in his thirst for professional knowledge, which just as the name implies means to examine research in order to learn more about the field.Ni Haoming often said that on the road of insurance business, what we should learn first is to improve the cognition and identification of insurance concept, and become an agent who is good at learning, good at independent thinking and good quality.After just a few years in the industry, I was promoted to ABDM Team Development Manager on January 1, 2021 and BDM Senior Team Development Manager on January 1, 2022 respectively, with an average annual premium of 500,000 yuan.Become the agent who is loved by customers and learned by everyone in the company.Ni hao-ming often says that insurance agents are faced with a lot of complex information every day.How to extract effective information and combine with their own work is a problem that every insurer needs to think about.This requires insurance agents to consciously cultivate their own analysis and thinking ability, screen out effective content from the sea of information, and plan their own career growth path.One of the ways to improve execution is to shift your mindset away from perfectionism and instead get it done first and then perfect, take the first step and improve it step by step along the way.This is one of the secrets of his success.I was deeply impressed by the fact that I helped my customers settle their claims, made progress with my team, made progress with myself, and received awards on stage.The ancients said: only the difference is almost, but the use of virtue, is my personal life has always upheld the creed.Since engaged in insurance work, kindness, altruism, modesty, self-confidence and passion are my five working principles.I promise: after the purchase of insurance policy, is the beginning of my service.Because — choose the insurance product, not the product.When you choose insurance, you are choosing service.Since I started working in the company, I have tutored and trained every one of my team mates conscientiously. They joined the insurance industry because they trusted me and helped them take every step on the road of life insurance.Since starting my career, I have tried my best to serve every customer who trusts me, because I can’t live up to the trust of every customer.I firmly believe in high trust, high efficiency and low cost.Trust is the power that changes everything.I have won the honor of ChRP certified retirement Planner, STAR instructor of ICBC AxA Zhejiang Branch, certified gold Consultant of ICBC AxA official website in 2020, Zhejiang Branch, ZHEJIANG Branch, Annual Storm Supernova, 2021, selected for THE 2022 MDRT of ICBC AXA Sanya SummitThe United States million Round Table member wenzhou branch company multiple cases king performance king Wenzhou branch company 2021 year personal business second wenzhou branch company 2021 year team business second dialogue guest editor: At present, insurance is not fully accepted by the public, what is your original intention in insurance?Ni Haoming: The only difference is the value of virtue, insurance and altruism, and I happen to agree with xiaobing: for a job, what do you value most?Ni Haoming: Space for development, space for growth Xiaobian: If the applicant buys insurance from you, what kind of insurance services will you provide?Ni Haoming: with a kind, modest and altruistic attitude, we will serve every customer with due diligence. The service of insurance policy is a sustainable thing, not only limited to an insurance policy, but also a friend of customers.Xiaobian: If you are going to add people, what kind of people do you want to join your team?Ni Haoming: a: strong self-drive;2. Desire;Three: comprehensive quality (including character, etc.) Xiaobian: Can you share, you usually with what kind of mentality to exhibition industry?Ni Haoming: The purpose of exhibition industry is not strong, there is no purpose to sell is good sales xiaobian: when you customize the insurance scheme for customers and customers’ own idea is inconsistent, how will you deal with it?Ni Haoming: Because of the need to shape, all for you, customer demand itself is the most important xiaobian: now the insurance industry is growing, but there are still some people do not understand, usually how do you introduce insurance to customers?Ni Haoming: Every customer’s background is different in the past, it varies from person to person.Ni Haoming: on the basis of seeking truth from facts, do flexible.Xiaobian: When the customer out of insurance, how do you help the customer smoothly get the claim?Can you give me an example?NiHaoMing: standing on the position of the customer to help the customer get corresponding rights and interests, we are in the company’s products agents, before a customer buy, not the products of our unit is the metropolitan, the salesman has left, and the policy still exist not truthfully inform, later, I also help my customer claims, finally settling model smoothly into account,The clients you have worked with, what do they usually say about you?Ni Haoming: dependable dependable, strong sense of responsibility.In your opinion, is it necessary for people who are poor to buy insurance?How to buy?Ni Haoming: need to buy, insurance is not a luxury, is the underlying logic of family configuration, insurance transfer financial risk tool, even if the general economy of the population, there will still be the same problem, because the risk is objective, vary from person to person, the corresponding configuration of the appropriate insurance policy.At the end of the speech, he said that it has always been my dream to escort your life with the most professional financial instruments, to serve more families and to deliver security to thousands of families.Keep your wealth, keep your beauty.The insurance industry is a social stabilizer, and the state has been supporting and encouraging its development.China’s insurance depth and density compared with developed countries, the gap is not small.There have been more and more young people to take the initiative to seek advice insurance, active insurance.They are good customers for the future.At the same time, they put higher demands on insurance agents.Looking forward to 2022, I believe that in the context of economic recovery, the insurance industry, like other industries, will have a better development.Come on, the agent who carries the load forward!

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