Touched!The 248 “faces” warmed Ningde

Fireworks as neighbors, about ordinary people extraordinary stories;To witness development through the lens and create a vision of rural revitalization;Dig rich human history, let the light of Eastern Fujian into the public vision……Six years, 248, a thoughtful, temperature and quality of the video works, vivid of ningde “face”, recording time, spread the light of mindong, netizens frequently thumb up, state-run media were re-published, harvest hundreds of millions of times quantity, is this the original mindong daily melting media center column “face”.// The person concerned said that “People · Life · Ningde” was the original theme of “Faces”.In June 2016, the column was officially launched as “describing the lives of ordinary people and touching people with ordinary stories”.”As a new media, I think it is not enough to only focus on social news and current political news. We should try more themes that can highlight local characteristics, be original and resonate with the broad audience.”In the initial stage of the program, the creators gave a clear idea: to open a program for ordinary people to tell their stories.”In our conception, Faces is not only a people show, but also a humanity show.We hope that through the platform of Faces, people can pay more attention to the people and things they come into contact with every day but inadvertently ignore, so that more people can understand and fall in love with ningde, a vibrant city.”Column chief creation personnel said.Reporter (left) interview ningde “face” “South drift” ningde photographer;A girl who dreams of traveling to 40 countries and writing a book;Northeast love dancing aunt;Ningde local young singer;Returning from Fuzhou to Ningde as a domestic service entrepreneur boy……These are the protagonists of Faces.They all have different jobs, different interests and different dreams, but what they all have in common is that they all live and work in Ningde, a beautiful coastal city that has left a lot of unforgettable memories for them.In their narration, a colorful Ningde seems to leap out at the eyes, but also invisibly touches the softest part of people’s heart.”What we need to do is to display their stories in an all-round way through the pen tip and screen, so that readers can feel and learn from the videos and articles.”Column chief creation personnel said.It is precisely because of this pure and original attitude that “Face” became popular once it was launched. This warm and unique recording method was also warmly welcomed by many netizens. “Face” series of videos became popular and widely spread on the Internet, becoming one of the programs with the highest audience and attention in Ningde media.Face no. 152 “Jiuzhaigou earthquake witness:If you can back alive, I want to give you a baby “broadcast 1.342 million times Focus and the image records the country revitalization of the explorer tzu chi “we try starting in 2015, now has ten several village, initially formed three gen belt, hope everyone ensemble, the situation, wen gen cannon, our pingnan every inch of the land will not activate……”In the Library of Siping Village, Pingnan County, Zhou Fangfang, the guardian of Ancient Villages in China, the ambassador of traditional village protection in Fujian Province, and the former chairwoman of Pingnan County CPPCC, met with the editor and director of “Faces · Rural Revitalization” to review pingnan’s way of promoting rural revitalization through cultural innovation.”I have lived by the sea since childhood and have special feelings for the sea. I always want to record this piece of sea in my mind in a form and then spread it to everyone…”Born in Xiapu, Zheng Dexiong, a national first-class photographer, created a new photography theme — Xiapu beach photography, and promoted it to the whole country and even the world.At sansha Beach, he talked to the editor and director of The column “Face · Rural Revitalization” about his experience of driving tourism and b&B through photography, generating a new industry through photography, and driving the revitalization of a party through photography…Read Ningde, know China.Since last century, ningde people along the direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping, dropping water wears away a stone, get rid of poverty, walk the road of rural revitalization with eastern Fujian characteristics, leaving countless wonderful stories of gratitude and progress.”In order to fully display the new features and atmosphere of the vast rural areas in the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, in March 2021, on the basis of the original ‘Faces’ column, we planned and launched the’ Faces · Rural Revitalization ‘series. By inviting front-line participants, explorers and beneficiaries of rural revitalization to serve as keynote speakers,Narrate and share innovative cases and typical experiences of rural revitalization in eastern Fujian, publicize and guide the masses of Party members to further strengthen their responsibilities, and gather strong joint forces for the new journey of endeavor.”Program creators said.Feet covered with mud and fragrance, full of living stories.Up to now, “Faces · Rural Revitalization” has launched a series of 20 videos, the film team painstaking, pingnan County longtan village, Qianyang village, Puling village;Sujiashan Village, Mengyuan Village and Bankeng Village, Zhouning County;Anren Village and Xikun Village, Fuding City;Lake kasumigaura beach photography base, thou farmland county sheng agriculture edible fungus base, makes Mr Hui agricultural expo garden, digging news stories, focuses on rural party members and cadres, rural rich leader, new village, science and technology correspondent, rural revitalization of the instructor, the integrated use of high-definition cameras, camera, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a variety of media, such as the handheld yuntai equipment,It presents the wonderful stories of rural revitalization from various angles and records the deeds of those who have worked on the front line of rural revitalization.If people are scattered beads, then culture is a weak and strong filament, which strings each individual together and gives endless spiritual power.In eastern Fujian today, no matter in cities or rural areas, you will feel that traditional culture inheritance and the advocacy of the spirit of The Times complement each other, the popularization of popular culture and the promotion of fine art blend together, and culture is becoming a way of life for eastern Fujian people.Tang Yangzong, the first poet from Fujian province to win the “Lu Xun Literature Prize”, began to write about his hometown Xiapu and the sea. He made a different voice in the Chinese poetry circle in the early 1990s and became popular all over the country with the title of “ocean poet”.Later, he found his own “Soup style” language, using magic color to construct a paper world he recognized.”Poetry has given me the joy of doing nothing in my life.””He told the faces crew.In Jiaocheng Zhangwan, 66-year-old Liu Xixiu, a national-level representative inheritor of watertight bulkhead, still sticks to the craft of fu boat manufacturing.He made ship models as the carrier of watertight bulkhead skills, and went to various schools to give lessons and practical guidance to students. He also wanted to write a book on watertight bulkhead skills to record the technical characteristics of this skill in detail.”I hope more young people will be interested in learning this valuable skill and pass it on.”Liu Xixiu said.Like Liu Xixiu, Lin Zhangming, inheritor of she traditional costume making skills, Xiao Jiagang, ceramic artist, Tong Yonglai, tinsmith…They are also quietly adhere to, and strive to make the “old craft” inherited and developed.The light of Eastern Fujian affects every ningde person and becomes the soul of the city’s construction and development.Faces not only focuses on representative individuals, but also Yang LAN’s husband and wife, poetry brothers, and north Road actors in Fengyang “Opera Troupe Lane”…With 19 vivid videos, it shows the efforts made by these groups in inheriting and innovating culture, making culture “alive” and spreading the “light of Eastern Fujian”.From 2016 to 2022, 248 issues of “Faces” recorded the stories of 248 Ningde people from all walks of life with videos, texts and pictures. The gathering of “faces” enables us to see the extraordinary experiences of ordinary people in their work and life.Netizens to the “face” column of the message column broadcast has also received extensive attention from all walks of life.Mindong daily financial media center in addition to two micro end a network (WeChat matrix, weibo, ningde new client, ningde network) through various channels such as continuously updated, also open WeChat “original” ning video broadcast video, high-quality works also get xinhua, People’s Daily, the study power, central mainstream platforms such as video recommendations and reproduced, total amount $,Netizens have praised, forwarded and commented.The column has been widely recognized by the Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government and the industry, and has become a “name card” to show Ningde. It has received good response on the Internet and won the second prize of Fujian Journalism Award and the first prize of Ningde Journalism Award.”In the next step, we will continue to take root in the front line, let the grassroots become the leading role in the news, dig out more vivid materials, tell the wonderful story of ‘Ningde Chapter’ with the lens, carry forward the light of Eastern Fujian, record a beautiful era.””Face” column creator said.Source: Mindong Daily · New Ningde client reporter Lin Jun editor: Lanqing review: Miao Hongtong ■ late night surprise!Ningde’s first snow of the year came last night!■ Start is sprint, Ningde just “hong” ■ latest!Ningde issued a batch of personnel appointment and dismissal ■ work!Welcome to ningde to work friends!■ “soul bargaining” life-saving medicine used for the first time in Ningde![This is Mindong Daily, thank you for reading] Mindong Daily mobile terminal matrix “You say I do” news hotline: 2876799

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