Tianqiao District: beautify green homes with ecological background

More than 700 cherry blossoms are blooming in binhu Square, and green plants are thriving in the community park.In recent years, Tianqiao District of Jinan city has been continuously promoting green ecological construction, accelerating the layout of the new green urban form of forest and city integration, city in the garden, the beautiful ecological background is presenting, so that more people enjoy the “green welfare” at home.After nearly four years of careful maintenance and rejuvenation cultivation, nearly 700 cherry trees of three varieties are in full bloom in binhu Square of Tianqiao District.Three excellent ornamental varieties, Such as Sanjing Yoshino, Guanshan sakura and Puxian Xiangsakura, bloom one after another from mid-late March and can last until mid-April. The gorgeous cherry blossoms add a touch of romance to the city in the midst of spring.In addition to the city’s largest cherry blossom theme square Binhu square, Jingyi Road, Minghu Road North Cherry Blossom Avenue, Jiro Road North American Begonia, auto factory east road red leaves peach landscape……Tianqiao District has also made efforts to create a number of flower landscape roads, blooming flowers have become the colorful axis of the city, the ubiquitous street green space has quietly integrated into the life of residents.”Coming out from the door, we have beautiful flowers on the road and more and more trees of different varieties. Our home has become more beautiful, just like living in the park. It is very pleasant to come out in spring to take photos and take a walk.”South village west community resident Ms Chen said.A blue sky and a pure land, a lake and a city green shade.In order to create a better and happier livable home, Tianqiao District has never stopped exploring.To promote the integration of urban landscape into the Yangjuan Lake Park on the west side of Yaoshan Park, with clear water, lawns, pavilions and footpaths, the whole park looks as delicate as small Bridges and flowing water and as beautiful as jiangnan gardens.The old man chats on the leisure stool, the child chases in the park to play, a harmonious and happy scene.According to understand, to promote the jinan “qian garden city” construction, flyover successively built the trickling water lake, landscape diffuse community park, diffuse park community park, park garden, winding path green rhyme in the garden, the green shade diameter garden, etc. A total of 35 park, the garden, the pocket park, formed the mountain park as the basement, urban comprehensive park as backbone, community park on the basis of urban park system,We will promote the integration of mountains, rivers and forests in cities.Go out to see green, move into the garden, fitness, leisure, close to nature…Nowadays, more and more tianqiao people enjoy such a happy life.”After the completion of the landscape Community park, we have a good place for leisure on the doorstep.Especially the greening effect is so good, there are trees, flowers and shrubs, and grass flowers, friends to play are full of praise!”Resident Liu said.Tianqiao District has always adhered to promoting the construction of pocket parks, community parks and mountain parks in accordance with local conditions, so that residents can truly enjoy the “green dividend” of urban development, showing a strong sense of people’s livelihood, but also provides a good ecological protection and development space for the development of “1339” strategy of Tianqiao.This year, Tianqiao District will continue to build 4 urban parks with high standards, adopting natural methods in the design concept, forming an open green space, creating a landscape effect of evergreen and flowers in three seasons.The construction of the four parks will add greenness to the life of the citizens, allowing them to get closer to nature in their fast-paced life, and creating an urban park system integrating mountains and rivers with forest and city.Carrying out along the Yellow River, built along the city road green green engineering, accelerate the urban greenway network construction, the plan through the mountain roads, baohua street, no shadow mountain road, camp street, officer camping group, 10 road dike road, etc on the basis of the existing implementation of landscape, to elevate ecological landscaping and greening of fine management streets and communities, the village of the extension.Flyover district in recent years, in order to “build green transparent green, incremental lift quality, fine management” as the focus, in accordance with the “green, beautiful, clean, neat” standards, dot, line, face combined with urban greening, the greening area increased year by year, greening quality improve, neat, thick, beautiful, livable greening environment is gradually formed.Source: Dazhong Daily

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