Oil prices hit seven-year highOil price adjustment news: gas station 92, 95, 98 gasoline prices

Oil price adjustment news:On February 8, today, Tuesday, for owners to bring a good news today, that is in the Asian session yesterday welcomed signs of oil prices fell slightly, oil prices have risen from the Spring Festival to seven-year highs in a drop in oil prices for the first time, but the overall point of view, still very controversial, most people still think oil prices will continue to rise, from the point of international crude prices,Oil prices to $90 / barrel mark had fallen on his feet again, despite the recent rise in oil prices to a higher top, if falling in recent days failed to fall below $90 / pass, then oil prices will once again usher in owners say the end of the “rose more fell less”, then in such a shock, not just the international crude prices hit another record high since 20174,Domestic oil prices will continue to rise.The rise in oil prices in accordance with the international trends of crude oil, oil price continuously high refresh price, each time to oil prices fall, it seems, are a new rise, the oil prices across a continuous development in multi-strand flame suddenly under the stimulation of oil for $93, from $100 a barrel, just differ by about 7 dollars/barrel,Factors also led to the rise in oil prices is also busy recently, the first is the non-agricultural data shivering in the cold weather, with the United States led to rising oil prices rise, followed by the oscillation of the international situation, mutual Dui between the United States and Russia, the United States believes that a unit near Russia’s in Ukraine, Russia is is, however, refused to accept,But at the end of the situation is not safe to play the hearts of the volatile oil prices rose to a stream of stimulants, oil prices are up considerably, coupled with the recent supply is more and more difficult, the increasing oil producers continuity of production, but always failed to accomplish its goal, enough to see the weakness of the oil-producing countries, stimulate the oil prices rise further.A drop in oil prices factors according to the data, the international crude oil prices fell in just a little, biden also hung a new plan to promote the United States now is a drop in oil prices, perhaps in the new situation, in the short term, with the United States, OPEC + and other oil producers, promoted the drop in oil prices, although each major oil producer, politically different opinions,But for a drop in oil prices this problem is in the scope of mutual recognition, the first is the fed raises public concerns, according to the news from the meeting, is likely to appear a few times the possibility of raising interest rates, though not yet implemented already began to appear on the phenomenon of oil prices, followed by Iran’s oil return to the market wants a few bigger, is conducive to the oil price,In the long run, oil prices will always fall, and efforts to increase production in various oil producing countries will eventually ease the tension between supply and demand.In general, prices in the recent period of time still is in “rose more fell less” situation, in the United States, Russia’s political relations escalating and haven’t appeared to ease the tension between the supply and demand, coupled with the influence of some natural factors and potential problems to oil supply problems, oil prices are rising fast falling slowly, as for the drop in oil prices is just in a few aspects,It’s not obvious yet, but with supply rising, it’s only a matter of time before prices fall.In domestic oil prices in accordance with the international trend of crude oil, crude oil prices an average rate of 3.65%, while the rate of change is not the first two pricing the rate of change is high, but the product gains accumulative total pricing is beyond the red line, the current domestic oil prices still rising, the price according to the refined oil pricing mechanism and the price of oil management method “regulation,Domestic refined oil prices are estimated to rise by 165 yuan/ton, and gas stations are estimated to rise by 0.16 yuan/liter. The probability of oil price adjustment in 10 days is difficult to fall.Oil price pass has updated today’s oil price, car owners want to know the most favorable oil price information in advance, please timely pay attention to this number of private chat xiaobian.The following oil prices take you to see the gasoline stations around the country 92, 95 gasoline and diesel latest oil prices!Region 92 Gasoline 95 gasoline 98 gasoline 0 diesel Beijing 7.788.169.147.37 Shanghai 7.748.129.017.31 Tianjin 7.778.099.317.33 Chongqing 7.848.179.27.39 Fujian 7.748.158.927.32 Gansu 7.788.188.757.23 Guangdong 7.88.339.477.33 Guangxi 7.848.359.187.38 Guizhou 7.818.249.147.43 Hainan 8.899.3310.567.41 Hebei 7.778.098.917.33 Henan 7.788.28.857.31 Hubei 7.7Hunan 7.738.18.97.39 Jilin 7.748.238.977.24 Jiangsu 7.758.1297.29 Jiangxi 7.748.199.697.37 Liaoning 7.758.158.877.23 Inner Mongolia 7.778.118.97.2 Anhui 7.73Ningxia 7.6889.137.21 Qinghai 7.638.178.97.26 Shandong 7.768.218.937.32 Shaanxi 7.667.988.917.22 Shanxi 7.738.228.927.39 Sichuan 7.838.39.027.38 Tibet 8.6What do you think of the future oil price?Welcome to share the latest oil price in the message area after liking and following.This article is produced by the original, without permission, any channel, platform do not reprint, offenders will be prosecuted!

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