Men will be selected 365 days of paid leave, can also choose to discount 200,000

On January 26, in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, an “unbelievable” thing happened. In the company’s annual meeting, a small group of people were lucky enough to draw the lottery, which was about 200,000 yuan after discounted.Internet users were upset by the revelation.At the annual meeting of a company, a young man won the ultimate prize, which means he will not have to work for the whole year of 2022. The man thought it was impossible, but his boss said it was true, and he was so happy that he “passed out”.The boss said: you can choose not to rest, discount on 200,000 yuan, this award is designed to inspire people, want to bring new hope to everyone.Net friends see this behind the scenes, not calm, they have a message: other people’s annual meeting, we do not have a bonus, just eat a meal.One netizen said: “Human resources are interesting. The whole reward implies that work is unpleasant.”There’s not a lot of work for a year off.That’s the difference between being suspended without pay.There are netizens said: do not let go to work for a year, estimate this baby will go crazy, and so he returned to the company, found incompatible, completely unemployed, if the cleaner has nothing, if the technical post or management post, directly scrapped.”Especially the rest and the salary, it’s awesome, the boss is so nice, but it’s really confusing,” most netizens said admiringly.Seeing this scene, I also couldn’t believe it. Let’s analyze it: First of all, if the backbone members of the company take a rest for a year, it will definitely have a great impact on the company, so it can’t be;Secondly, if the sales take a year off, their business is basically gone, so it is impossible;So it has to be a company executive, and taking a year off doesn’t really affect the company.If you are the backbone of the company, I am afraid that there will be no post for you when you go back, and the boss will find that it doesn’t matter whether you are there or not. After the lottery winner goes back, he will be in a dilemma.Hugh, in case there’s no room.Keep it up, and feel short-changed.Ha ha the boss is really good!Make the employee happy and make his own choices.You win some, you lose some.The boss is very clever and tries his best to motivate his employees.But think about it carefully, the boss set up this award is a bit of a pit, draw the prize this holiday can not take off, a year off work, business will be unfamiliar, personal will be marginalized.Have to admit, this company benefits really good, boy luck, if I can also draw the estimated excitement of several days can not sleep, can set up such an award, indicating that the boss is infinite, the pattern is very big, such a company can certainly go further.Discount your vacation and go back to work. It’s the equivalent of two salaries a year.If it were me, I’d rather go to work, and still be able to discount a hundred thousand, and still get paid, how nice!This boss is so nice, I hope we can all meet such a boss!Do you take a vacation or do you take a discount?# Society

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