A “no-go zone” is to be set up in the Canadian city of Ottawa to end protests in the city

This article was transferred from;Ottawa’s chaos will soon end, public Security Minister Marco Mendicino said Thursday.The Royal Mounted Police (FEDERAL Police) will establish a “no-go Zone” in downtown Ottawa under the newly enacted Emergency Act to control crowds not associated with the motorcade protesters.Those who refuse to comply face penalties such as fines or even jail time.Mr. Mendicino said police would “move very quickly” to erect more concrete barricades and ask towing companies to haul away trucks blocking Ottawa’s streets.At the same time, banks and financial institutions will stop funding convoy organizers, and the government will temporarily revoke the bank accounts and business licenses of companies involved in the truckers’ protests.”No one wants another weekend like the last three on Wellington Street,” Mendicino said.The police have assured me that they fully understand this.”This led to speculation that the police would act before February 18.He said he has told RCMP Superintendent Brenda Lukey that the current situation cannot continue and peace must be restored to the capital.Delta Ottawa police department deputy director designated director Steve bell on the same day, just as Ottawa police acting director Steve bell said, at present the urban core area in the night, only about 360 units of various kinds of vehicles and no more than 150 protesters, compared with the peak period of a few days ago has been greatly reduced.It is understood that including the local police, the police gathered in the city of Ottawa has more than 3,000 people.(Media Reporter Zhang Sen)

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