A man in Guangxi tried to make wine in a rural area, carrying a bowl of wine directly away: three times since New Year’s Eve

Recently, a netizen from Laibin, Guangxi province shared an interesting video.In the video, a man accompanies his wife back to his family’s rural area. During dinner, the family serves homemade liquor to his son-in-law. The man is very kind and has a bowl of wine with the elders as soon as the dinner starts.As a result, the dish has not eaten a few mouthfuls, the wine strength came up, and the man was soon directly drunk and “carried away”.Funny is, although the man’s capacity is not good, but the wine is very good, drunk wine not only noisy not make not crazy, and in the next drink, the man is still heroic, as long as someone toasts according to drink not by mistake.As a result, in just a few days since The New Year’s Eve, the man’s big dinner was carried away three times without much to eat. It can be said that “Moxiao Farmer’s labours are muddy, and the guest wine is not awake in the harvest year”!”It’s so strong after drinking, I don’t feel it when I just drink it. In some places, it even tastes like sugar water, so I end up pouring it out!””We have a kind of white rice soup that tastes so sweet that it doesn’t taste like alcohol. After drinking it, you can go home and sleep before the liquor gets stronger.””I used to go on a business trip to Chongyang. After dinner, my driver thought the rice wine was sweet and delicious. He drank a pot of it and slept until 11 o ‘clock the next day.”Ha ha, I have to say this man is really a food and drink ah!However, I would like to remind my friends that they should drink in moderation. It is ok to have a good drink once in a while, but not too often.Drinking too much wine is easy to say the wrong thing, but also hurt the body, and even life danger.And although self-brewing is good to drink, but because of too much miscellaneous alcohol, so it is better to drink less.What do you think?

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