What is the story of the mutated war against the war?The backstory of Phantom of the West

Last period, we are talking about in archaeological inside the base, the league of human agents because inside the magic are infected with the mutated virus, as a result, because of the specific environmental archaeology base, induce the mutated virus in the body, to produce the archaeological base what was happening inside, but the emergence of Kim yun, timely help the troubled agents, so, whether they be good?That’s all for today’s Phantom of the West.Highlight: scenario analysis we this time let’s look at the official story about the background of “the phantom of the west”, said: the phantom of the west, was once the biggest city in the west and is also the most prosperous town, due to the terror of the mutant viruses wreak havoc into a ghost town, no one dare to close to, group after group of warriors incarnation heroes and variant doing the final battle.This provides us with some information about the background story has made “the phantom of the opera” of the west, the city, because the virus, then a batch of biochemical agents and variants do final battle, which can see the situation here is how to return a responsibility, so the situation here since all this, it later what will happen?That’s what we’re talking about today.Draw key two:Western phantom of the opera has a city in the western region of China, in the small town, because the horse trading makes here quickly began to flourish, soon, will become the biggest city of the west, where 80% of people are doing the relevant business, if there is no virus, the prosperity of this place might have been this continues,But sometimes it’s just so unexpected.Inside the magic are preceded by a smallpox virus also don’t know is what reason, also follow erupted in this place, originally very prosperous town, but also because the raging virus into a moment no one dare to close to a ghost town, at this time, in order to deal with the situation here, the human league decided to go to this place and an elite agents investigating the cause of the outbreak,Because what happened in the Capital has been suppressed.Archaeological base of the virus also resolved, which let the human alliance suspect that there may be some mysterious forces behind in tears, soon, the team arrived at this place, ready to investigate, but the players inside, some players also infected with the mutated virus, as expected, the infection of the players into a matrix at a draught, began to brazen attack others.We immediately launched an offensive defense, intends to deal with such a situation, a downturn can be thought that things again, at this time, around other infection also begins to be the mother’s body, to inspire to the players, players are helpless, had to desperate to stop the variants here, human eyes watched his team was gradually eroded,It was decided to dispatch troops to support the area.Forced the human alliance had to ordered a retreat, and assemble the bomber, prepare to carpet cleaning work of the place, so, soon, the surviving player and wait for the rescue helicopter, successfully out of this place, soon, the league of human bombers had bombed with the place, completely destroyed all the variants here,That’s where the story ends.Many people may also see out, seems to be the variation of inverse war war has been officially abandoned, haven’t seen the official update, this is also very normal, after all, now the inverse inverse war has not completely before war, days beauty never went inside the game more resources, they only think about the last cash in the game, then,Bucket run. Well, I don’t know what to say.

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