Wang Mengting has refuted online rumors that Guo Degang and Wang Mengting gave birth to a baby girl last month: it is not true

Beijing Opera actress Wang Mengting, who has been single for a long time, gave birth to a baby girl last month, according to online rumors.There are good samaritans to this beautiful thing directly in the name of the founder of the Deyun Community guo Degang teacher, wang Mengting later denied that the matter is nothing, but the birth of a baby girl does matter, and also find to take care of the month sister-in-law, just denied that the father is guo Degang teacher.If Wang Mengting cries out baby girl birth father directly, don’t get rid of guo Degang teacher back this big black pot?Guo degang’s response did not admit or deny.Only in February 5 sent a painless picture, the picture on the eight characters: the fifth day of the year, pinching the mouth of the little man.These eight characters, let eat melon masses in the fog, alone with these eight characters, we really can’t figure out guo Degang teacher is happy or not happy about this matter.Someone understands for, I Guo Degang and Wang Mengting gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, close your ass matter, year two take out to say matter, you give me shut up.Some even called Wang Mengting “little teacher niang” to say.But if this matter does not exist, Guo Degang teacher should not say that kind of ambiguous, let a person zhang Two monks confused words to directly deny, you are not the father, not a matter of closure.Besides, according to guo Degang and Wang Mengting’s consistent friendship, it also shows that Guo Degang teacher is very concerned about this beloved student.In order to carry forward the quintessence of Chinese culture, let Peking Opera carry forward and inherit, the two hit it off, as if to create the Kylin Agency, is specially tailored for Wang Mengting.In the end, Wang Mengting also said that as long as more people like Peking Opera, you can say that GUO degang and I will do anything.So Wang Mengting is also very generous on this point.She is willing to make sacrifices and stand up for Peking Opera.That is to say, as long as you like Beijing Opera, even if you say that I have an illegitimate daughter with Guo Degang teacher, whether it is true or not, what’s the big deal?But for one thing, you have to like the Peking Opera of Qilin Club.

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