Upgrading has been started, houjie this community will be greatly changed

Cultural atmosphere full of the landscape of the integrated services are appropriate ecological wetland slow living area, small make up understands from white city community, in order to promote the city’s image in the community, create a good livable environment, create a sense of belonging and livable leisure garden, white city community plans to dialogue had vicious water and upgrading surrounding the central square.At present, baihaopo Water and central square around the reconstruction project has been in construction, is expected to be completed by the middle of 2022.It is understood that the baihao Water And central Square surrounding renovation project will upgrade and transform the sidewalk of Yiheyi Road in Baihao Community, Oasis Road, Baihao First Street along the River to East Yinhe River, Baihao Community comprehensive cultural Service Center and Baihao Comprehensive market respectively.Baihao community officials said that due to the existing facilities in the area old, single vegetation, narrow roads and other problems, it started the upgrade.The status quo of Yanhe Road Comprehensive Cultural Service Center is expected to be completed in the middle of 2022 to improve the image of the city to create a good livable environment, create a healthy, comfortable and safe community environment, and create a sense of belonging and livable leisure garden.Baihao Community will be based on the perspective of clean and tidy, improve the image of each node, connect the interpenetration relationship between the whole community with the existing traffic flow lines, strengthen the convenience and smooth flow of people, and then guide the flow of people in the static area, improve the overall comprehensive supporting services of Baihao, and create a good living environment.Oasis road along the river leisure corridor along the oasis road recreational corridor frame effect map clear water platform effect map it is reported that the upgrade will be along the river all the way sidewalk ground layer replacement, keep clean and tidy, along the river railings increase hanging basket plants, beautify the hard revetment, local ornament group flower border.In the oasis section, there will be more graphic signs at the entrance, and the road will be renovated to asphalt, with new marking lines and parking space lines on both sides of the road.In baihao Yanheyi Street to East Qianhe River section, the existing site will be cleared for greening, garden road will be renovated, and terrain will be reshaped on both sides to increase leisure space and entertainment facilities, so as to create a comfortable, healthy and livable leisure space for slow life.The community comprehensive cultural service center will re-plan the functional zoning and reasonable layout of space to increase the interaction of each space.This includes cleaning up the landscaping, planting shade tolerant plants, refurbishing the pavement, replacing the original lamps and lighting, and planning the parking location of non-motor vehicles, etc.Comprehensive service center and sports area rendering comprehensive service center have a bird’s eye view rendering comprehensive service center entrance rendering comprehensive service center of leisure pavilion at white city comprehensive market segments, rendering the area up to 15 cm in the square pedestrian pavement square parking rationally divided square, at the same time give 2.5 square meters, planning parking space and planning a non-motor vehicle parking.The relevant person in charge of Baihao Community introduced that recently, the baihao PI water and central square surrounding renovation project has been put into operation, and the renovation is expected to be completed in mid-2022.”Upon completion of the baihao Water and central square surrounding renovation project, the living environment of Baihao community will be greatly improved, and the sense of well-being and belonging of community residents will be further enhanced.”

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