The world: graduation to become a “third party” Feng Yue, her mother’s counterattack, enough ruthless

The TV series in the world is a rare masterpieces, the depiction of humanity, the s play very profound, film and television play originates from life, this sentence is also suitable for fiction, the author can write such good films, not the general experience nature, want to also is, for the fate of the characters in the play, we at the same time of great sympathy,Also for our good life now, feel lucky, without the last generation of pay, there would be no happy life of this generation.The play to the house as the breakthrough point, to show the era in which, different class people’s life state, three weeks home brother and sister, is also a symbol of the three different classes of people, their lives seem trivial, but is very representative, the Zhou Rong play this role, is very typical, such a girl, for the family, is really a disaster,She went to Guizhou alone. In the eyes of many ordinary people, she eloped for love.Also hard to imagine, Zhou Rong in guizhou has experienced what the s poverty, we also hard to imagine, Zhou Rong lived in caves, finally set up his own small family, for Feng Huacheng Feng Yue gave birth to a daughter, for Feng Huacheng Zhou Rong is great, but for family, Zhou Rong is relentless, Zhou Rong later also sent his daughter home,This is not a temporary decision, Feng Yue in grandma’s home, a live for many years, around her education people switch back and forth, Feng Yue’s view is also affected.Zhou Bingyi’s wife because of physical reasons, then no children, Feng Yue followed the life of uncle, Dongmei is also very good to Feng Yue, but after all, not close mother and daughter, a lot of words are embarrassed to say, so their education of Feng Yue, also just touch the point.Feng Yue the child, very smart from a young age, she knows how to read, Dongmei’s father is not in the home, her mother often at home, is also the backbone of the home, Feng Yue is very popular with Jin Yueyi, she knows to cast its favor, treat Dongmei, she also knows the proper show.Only in front of big jiu, Feng Yue may expose the instinctive quality, may ping-i Chou also did not expect, Feng Yue you don’t know, it will become at last with the help of the mother and uncle, Feng Yue to go abroad to study, and of course Feng Yue during the period of studying abroad, also is not bad, then Feng Yue after returning home, there was a period of time, has also been couldn’t find a job, Zhou Rong because this matter,Also very headache, because Feng Yue always want to climb to the top, but the reality is very skinny, she is still a fresh graduate.Feng Yue later came to the big company in Beijing, met a boss, the boss have families of their own, but Feng Yue and he is together, because of this, the boss’s wife, also often write report, it is to get people, but Feng Yue also explain to everybody, this is not her problem, Feng Yue become a third party, is really the most malicious Zhou Rong back,Because zhou Rong as an associate professor, the most care about reputation, and this thing, also involved in Zhou Bingyi, Zhou Rong feel this life, all owe their eldest brother, it seems that the child’s growth, really inseparable from the education of parents.

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