The Honggu Beach area has taken multiple measures to cope with the cold weather

Affected by cold air and precipitation, the city has sustained low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather recently.Honggutan District Party Committee and district government attach great importance to the prevention and response of low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather. Wu Jianghui, secretary of the District Party Committee, held a meeting on production safety and response to low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather.District disaster reduction Office, district security commission Office, district prevention office multiple measures to do a good job of the relevant work: first, timely issued the “Emergency Notice on prevention and Response to low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather”, requiring all townships, neighborhood offices, management offices and district directly related departments to do a good job of prevention and response to the severe weather, effectively protect the safety of people’s lives and property.Second, the district Disaster reduction Committee and the district Prevention and Control Bureau have prepared 20,000 straw bags, 10,000 straw MATS, 60 tons of industrial salt,98 tents,256 sets of folding beds, 200 sets of quilts,155 sets of towel blankets,255 sets of towel quilts, 7,000 cones,70 mobile warning signs, 40 sets of fire extinguishers,420 shovels and 1450 bamboo brooms, more than 500 sets of all kinds of snow shovel equipment, 440 sets of raincoats, rain shoes, 212 sets of duty shoes, windproof goggles, more than 120 sets of emergency lamps, more than 6000 pairs of all kinds of snow removal gloves transferred to the local area in time, to minimize the impact of low temperature rain and snow freezing weather.Third, strengthen early warning.Every day through the SMS platform, wechat group to release information to remind the territory and departments of all walks of life to pay close attention to weather changes, timely report and take preventive measures in case of danger, and launch emergency response when necessary.Fourth, strengthen the emergency duty on duty, ensure that the personnel on duty 24 hours on duty, if there is an emergency report information and do a good job in response to the work.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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