Tang Xiaolin, a talented girl from Shandong province, graduated from Peking University and went to the United States for further study. Why did she choose to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge?

For many people, study is the only chance to change their lives, but if they focus all their attention and energy on study and ignore the pressure they face, it can lead to irreversible results.Shandong talented girl Tang Xiaolin walks all the way life is like open hang general, she is the pride in the teacher’s eye, the model that the classmates learn, come to the United States to take advanced study later in Peking University graduate, talent and appearance pay equal attention to her, why can choose to jump from golden gate bridge finally?Born in an ordinary family in Yantai, Shandong Province, Tang Xiaolin knew that if she wanted to change the status quo, she had to study hard to get into a good university, so she spent all her spare time studying.She came out on top in every exam and far outperformed other students in both professional knowledge and extra-curricular activities. In the eyes of teachers, tang Xiaolin was regarded as a rare good seedling, and her classmates also thought tang Xiaolin was their goal.She makes her parents look good in front of others. While many parents are struggling for their children to study hard, Tang xiaolin’s parents are only responsible for receiving praise from teachers and envious glances from other parents at parent-teacher conferences.In 2004, Tang xiaolin was admitted to Peking University with excellent results, realizing her dream from childhood to adulthood. But for Tang Xiaolin, this is not the end of her efforts, and she must not indulge herself in college during this period.In the process of studying in Peking University, Tang Xiaolin worked hard and took out the momentum of high school learning. She came out on top in every subject and won scholarships many times in the evaluation process at the end of the semester.After graduation, Tang Xiaolin did not choose to engage in social work. Years of higher education made her very clear about what she wanted. Although she can get a high salary when she enters the job, what is more important for her is to learn knowledge.After basic communication with her parents, Tang xiaolin decided to prepare for the university of Utah entrance exam.Tang parents are very aware of their daughter how important ambition, but also for her to make all the choices expressed support, with parents behind as the most strong backing, Tang Xiaolin will have no scruples to invest in the exam.Talent and hard work together, let Tang Xiaolin successfully passed the university of Utah test, in the envy of the university of Utah in a student.After the biggest setback in her life, Tang xiaolin was admitted to the University of Utah. Tang xiaolin thought she could continue to study and study. In fact, Tang Xiaolin also proved her ability and drive to everyone.Just two years to get a graduate degree from the University of Utah, Tang Xiaolin’s life looks like a flower of brocade, but also makes people feel that Tang Xiaolin is born with a pair of reading materials.Countless people around the praise and recognition of the teacher, let her feel that their life is smooth, never met any setbacks, Tang Xiaolin has always thought that as long as efforts will be rewarded accordingly.In 2008, Tang Xiaolin decided to continue her study in the University of Utah after she got her degree. She wanted to obtain a doctor of physics. She thought that she could get her doctorate smoothly based on her research direction and results and the publication of her thesis, but something happened unexpectedly.All the papers published during Tang Xiaolin’s study failed to meet the requirements for her graduation, and she had to publish one article after another. During her doctoral study, she also found that both the research direction and the difficulty of her major were much higher than that of her postgraduate study.Until 2017, Tang Xiaolin failed to graduate. During this period, tang Xiaolin’s mentality was completely out of balance, and she had never suffered such a severe blow since childhood. The most important thing was that her visa in the United States expired, and if she could not renew it successfully, she had to return to China.Returning to China meant that tang xiaolin’s years of hard work would be for naught, the university would not retain her doctorate, and her previous research would no longer be meaningful.Tang Xiaolin in any case can not accept such a result, nearly 10 years of efforts into nothing, for anyone to hit are great, and how much less this from small to large never suffered from the day of the proud girl?During that period of time, Tang Xiaolin had to finish the homework assigned by the school, but also run around, busy for their own visa office, every night can not sleep well, day and night entanglement and worry, let her suffer from very serious depression.Tang Xiaolin also had no way to tell this result to her family, she could not accept her complete failure, even the teachers at that time feel that Tang Xiaolin during that period of mental state is not focused, and the personal situation looks very bad.But at that time no one took the initiative to comfort Tang Xiaolin, but no one to explain her, she thought all day long he was delayed for more than 10 years, more can not accept the efforts to pay no return.In 2017, Tang Xiaolin jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge without saying hello to anyone.Tang Xiaolin has always been a sweet daughter in her parents’ heart. When she was studying alone in the United States, she never worried her family, but would regularly call home to report her situation and report her safety.But when Tang Xiaolin should call home, the parents did not receive the news of their daughter, anxious heart for one or two days later and contact Tang Xiaolin’s friends, found that Tang Xiaolin not only did not go to school, but did not return to the daily place to live.Tang parents hurriedly rushed to the United States to ask tang Xiaolin’s teacher, just know at this time because of visa problems and can not be raised to doctor things, let Tang Xiaolin has been troubled for a long time, but no one thought she would not because want to commit suicide.Tang parents and teachers are immersed in the process of looking for Tang Xiaolin, the results of a week later, the United States police in the Golden Gate Bridge under the river found Tang Xiaolin’s body, proved that Because Tang Xiaolin could not accept the blow, temporarily hard suicide.Decades of hard reading and countless painstaking efforts of the family to cultivate such an excellent Tang Xiaolin, which can prove that there is no problem in the direction of the parents of the Tang family, but they are concerned about whether the child is successful in the process of neglecting the child’s ability to resist pressure and psychological quality, which led to the tragedy of Tang Xiaolin.Learning can change a person’s fate, and grades are also the stepping stone to a better life in the future. But when we are trying to move forward, we must pay attention to our mentality. We must not easily give up life because of difficulties and setbacks, which will hurt our closest people.

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