Keep your blood pressure stable and avoid spikes?How should hypertensive crowd do after all?

Abstract: Hypertension is a chronic disease with elevated arterial blood pressure.Hypertension can be induced by diet incontinence and obesity, so blood pressure should be controlled and kept stable on a daily basis.Severe hypertension can be accompanied by functional or organic damage to organs such as heart, brain and kidney. Blood pressure can be regulated in many ways.Blood pressure rises repeatedly, how can hypertension appear easily?The occurrence of hypertension is related to many factors, the common factors are genetic factors, environmental factors, mental factors, etc., and also associated with age, diet, obesity, smoking and other factors.So according to the cause of hypertension, can be divided into what types?1, primary hypertension essential hypertension is the most common type of high blood pressure, mainly due to genetic factors, diet, mental factors, lead to high blood pressure, primary hypertension is not due to other diseases of the blood pressure rising, but because of its many factors lead to pure blood pressure is given priority to, often dizziness, headache, and so on and so forth.2, secondary hypertension secondary causes of high blood pressure in hypertensive disease accounted for only less than 5%, the blood pressure of the situation is mostly due to a disease, such as common secondary hypertension disease is kidney disease, pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, chronic pyelonephritis in secretory disease hyperparathyroidism, pituitary function, etc.,Secondary hypertension can be caused by vascular lesions such as aortic stenosis or craniocerebral lesions, as well as a variety of drugs such as glucocorticoids and sympathetic nerves.Hypertension is a complex disease. From the perspective of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, hypertension belongs to symptoms such as vertigo and headache. Therefore, according to different syndromes, some Traditional Chinese medicines or proprietary Chinese medicines can cooperate with Western medicines to reduce toxicity and increase efficacy.So what are the adjuvant treatments for hypertension?1, corresponding to the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine auxiliary the wild chrysanthemum flower, gardenia, puerarin, etc can be used for heat nourish, rhubarb, senna, bunge cherry seed to have diarrhoea, astragalus root, eucommia bark to tonify deficiency, blood circulation by removing blood stasis, safflower, hawthorn, radix cyathulae in semen plantaginis, tuckahoe, alisma water moisture penetration, white mulberry root-bark, fritillaria, kelp, etc for cough and asthma, phlegm fights,Or with uncaria, gastrodia for liver wind etc..2, corresponding to the syndrome of traditional Chinese medicine medicinal broth or proprietary Chinese medicine auxiliary can use pinellia atractylodes rhizoma gastrodiae decoction compatibility and subtract wet treatment, the sputum auxiliary phlegm and clearing damp, spleen and stomach, or the use of gastrodia elata uncaria drink compatibility for something KangSheng card, auxiliary liver latent Yang, lowering XiFeng etc., to Yin deficiency and qi chrysanthemum rehmannia pill hand treatment of secondary education Yin latent Yang, nourishing liver and kidney,Or use gold deficient kidney gas bolus to treat Yin and Yang two deficiency syndrome, undertake hypertensive symptom ziyin warm Yang and so on.Nutritional meal, how does hypertensive crowd food need to be done?Hypertension can be based on the body situation, can be through healthy dietary means, such as common dietary therapy medicated diet for functional improvement, prevention and cure hypertension.So what kind of therapeutic medicated diet can be used?1, jellyfish mixed parsley materials have 100 grams of jellyfish skin, parsley 50 grams, tangerine peel 3 grams, pinellia 6 grams, sugar, sesame oil, vinegar the right amount.Cut jellyfish skin silk, parsley wash, after blanching, sliced tangerine peel, pinellia saute juice concentration into 30 ml, jellyfish skin, parsley put on the plate to add saute juice and a small amount of balsamic vinegar, salt and sugar mix ready to eat.Jellyfish mixed with parsley can reduce phlegm and eliminate accumulation, calm the liver, clear heat and remove dampness, with dryness and phlegm, qi and the effect.2, mung bean kelp porridge material has mung bean 100 grams, kelp 100 grams, rice amount.Chop kelp, mung beans, rice wash together with water boiled porridge can be.Mung bean kelp porridge has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, soft and firm sanjie, benefiting water and eliminating phlegm, which can help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and prevent cancer.Hypertensive people should pay more attention in life, actively monitor blood pressure, adjust mood, and more regulation of diet, so how to control the daily diet?1, salt control, avoid high salt diet hypertensive people must control salt intake, not more than 6g a day, including other pickled food such as soy sauce, pickled pickles, salted duck eggs intake should be reduced as far as possible, sausage processed food, sea fish as far as possible to eat.2, limit the total calorie intake, not overeating can eat complex carbohydrates such as cereals, oats, corn, etc., can control the intake of about 300-500g a day, or supplement plant protein such as mung beans, soybeans, etc., control the intake of less than 25g a day, lean meat, fat-free milk, freshwater fish, etc., 3, avoid eating greasy food every day,Reduce fat intake avoid eating fat pork, butter, salad sauce, animal oil, pig fat and other greasy food, eat less or do not eat sweet greasy food, with vegetable oil such as tea oil, corn oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, grease class every day.4, do not smoke and drink, a balanced diet and alcohol easily lead to high blood pressure, trigger coronary heart disease, etc., so high blood pressure people to give up smoking, drinking and should be rational diet, can eat more foods rich in potassium, calcium, such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, potato, mushroom, kelp, etc., fresh vegetable intake is about 400 g, fruit is about 150 g.Some tea products also have an auxiliary antihypertensive effect on hypertension, so what kind of tea can people with hypertension drink?1, lotus seed heart tea lotus seed heart, that is, mature lotus seeds in the middle of the green young leaves or germ, taste very bitter, with the effect of lowering blood pressure and removing fat, use an appropriate amount of lotus seed heart tea every day, can clear the heart, calm the liver, calm the heart and so on.2, Pueraria tea pueraria root has the effect of improving blood circulation in the brain, can relieve vertigo, headache, tinnitus and waist acid leg pain caused by hypertension, often use pueraria root boiling tea, can assist in lowering blood pressure, lowering fat, lowering blood sugar.Write in the end: people with hypertension need to carry out life intervention, control sodium salt level, low salt, low fat and low sugar diet, avoid smoking and drinking, exercise more, avoid overweight, obesity and so on.

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