Enumerating those years, The Chinese men’s football team encountered the “draw can qualify” magic spell

Over the years, Chinese men’s football team has been haunted by many demons, such as the fear of Korea in the past, and the fear of semifinals in the past. However, the most disturbing thing for Chinese fans is the mantra that “a draw will lead to qualification”.In every big tournament, in the last game of the group stage, you can get through with a draw, only to lose at the end.Next, xiaobian will take you to review the Chinese men’s football team once in the “draw can advance” under the good situation, finally lost the experience of being eliminated from the tournament.1980 Olympic Preliminary In February 1980, the National men’s Football Team, led by its head coach Nian Weisi, went to Singapore to participate in the third group of the Asian Zone Qualifiers for the 22nd Olympic Games.China will face Iran, North Korea, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and host Singapore in the men’s group, with only group winners to qualify for the Olympics.According to the rules, the competition will be played in a single round-robin format, and the top two teams will play a final to determine the final qualification.Objectively speaking, The Chinese men’s football team has Iran and North Korea in this group of two strong enemies, the difficulty is very big.Myanmar withdrew temporarily before the start of the match, leaving China with only six teams in the group.In the first four matches, China did very well, beating India 1-0 in the opening game, drawing Iran 2-2, north Korea 1-1 and thrashing Sri Lanka 7-0.China, who lead the table with a goal difference of eight, are tied with Iran and Singapore on six points (on a two-point system) heading into the final round. China will play Singapore while Iran play Sri Lanka.While Iran’s win is highly likely, China needs only a draw against Singapore to advance to the final of the group.After the start of the game, The Chinese men’s football is not conservative, Li Fubao and He Jia missed the opportunity to break the net, and Singapore’s goalkeeper Huang Wencai performance is more brave, many times in front of the rescue effort to protect the goal.Easy side battle, Singapore team to strengthen the closing, Nian Weisi on injured Rong Zhihang, intent to strengthen control of the midfield.Then Rong Zhixing a wonderful pass to the ball in front of the door, but zuo Shusheng follow up the push will hit the ball high.Too long to win, too long to lose.The 70th minute, Singapore front a corner kick opportunity, Huang Guocai in front of the disorderly war will be headed into the ball, the final Chinese men’s soccer 0-1 lost the game, finally won the group third, no promotion to the final of this group.List of Chinese Men’s Football team in 1980: Head coach: Nian Weisi Coaches: Chen Chengda, Ren Bin Players:Li Fusheng, jian-ping xu, phase constant celebration, zhi-cai liu, yue feng, ChiShangBin, ZangCaiLing, wang feng, xiang-dong huang, ZuoShuSheng, RongZhiXing, He Jia, yu-min Yang, Xu Yonglai, fu-bao li, stayed, GuGuangMing 1985 World Cup qualifier in February 1985, the Chinese football coach Zeng Xuelin, under the guidance of history to the World Cup finals for the third time of qualification.In the first round of the preliminary round of the World Cup, China men’s football team, Hong Kong, Macao and Wenlai in the same group, the game system of home and away double cycle.In the first five games, The Chinese men’s football team drew 0-0 away to Hong Kong, China, and then scored big double victories over Brunei and Macau respectively.In their final home game against Hong Kong, China only need a draw to clinch top spot on goal difference and advance to the next round.Unfortunately, before this match, the Chinese men’s football team from the coaching staff to the players are given too much pressure from the outside world and carry a heavy burden of thought.In the 18th minute of the first half, Hong Kong, China, had a free kick in front of the penalty area.The 32nd minute, Yang Zhaohui broke through on the right side of the sudden cut shot, Chen Yunyue threw the ball out of hand, Li Hui in front of the net will equalize the score.Easy edge to fight again, 60 minutes, liang ShuaiRong foot long shots from about 40 meters outside the box, the shot was no threat, the ball without meaning is the area of the ss to get to see the ss will be shot, yue feng, Gu Xiuquan two people jump up, fell down before the ss will push the ball to the right, cm follow up boot from the net.Finally, The Chinese men’s soccer team lost the game 2-1, the world preliminary round group eliminated.Attached is the 18-man list of The Chinese men’s Football Team:Lu Jianren, Wang Zhenjie, Zhu Bo, Lin Lefeng, Lu Hongxiang, Jia Xiuquan, Chi Minghua, Lin Qiang, Zuo Shusheng, Li Hui, Wang Huiliang, Wei Kexing, Gu Guangming, Zhao Dayu, Li Huayun, Huang Dexing, Yang Zhaohui, Wu Qunli 1992 Olympic Preliminary In January 1992, Xu Genbao led the Chinese Olympic Team to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Competed in the final round of the qualifying for the 25th Olympic Games.At this time Xu Genbao is the national team and the Olympic team two pairs of burden one shoulder.When he was running for the head coach of The Chinese men’s football team, Xu Genbao set a FLAG that he would resign if the Team failed to qualify for the preliminary round of the Olympic Games.To this end, Xu Genbao even shouted out the “horizontal under one heart, must qualify” rhetoric.In the final round of the Preliminary round of the Olympic Games, The Chinese Olympic Team and Japan, Qatar, South Korea, Bahrain and Kuwait team in the single round robin, the first four games, the Chinese Olympic team reversed Japan 2-1, lost to Qatar 1-0, beat Kuwait 1-0, 3-0 bahrain.In the final game against South Korea, the Chinese Olympic team only needs a draw to advance.Xu made a surprise move with a midfield trio of CAI Qinghui, Hu Zhijun and Zeng Fanqin.Kwak Kyung-geun, Seo Jeong-won and Kim Gwi-hwa each scored in less than 10 minutes.The game went on to the 13th minute, Xu Genbao will CAI Qinghui replaced by Peng Weiguo into the stage, the Final Chinese Olympic team 3-1 defeat to the opponent, no qualification, Xu Genbao also dismissed.Attached is the name list of 1992 National Olympic Team:Jiang Jin, Feng Zhigang, Li Bing, Gao Yuyong, Fan Zhiyi, Xu Hong, Wei Yimin, Zhang Jun, Zhai Biao, Hu Zhijun, Peng Weiguo, Mu Jun, Zeng Fanqin, Huang Hongtao, CAI Sheng, Yu Jie, CAI Qinghui, Chen Wei, Shen Rong 1996 Olympic Preliminary CompetitionLed the Chinese National Olympic Team to Malaysia for the final round of the 26th Olympic Games Asian Zone qualifiers.In the opening round last year, Qi led the Chinese Olympic team to a four-game winning streak over Singapore and Malaysia.According to the rules of the competition, the eight teams will be divided into two groups of four in a single cycle, with the top two teams going through to cross elimination, and the top three teams will qualify for the Olympic finals.The Chinese Olympic team is in the same group as Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.Xie Hui, Yao Xia, Yu Genwei and Peng Weijun scored one goal each to beat Kazakhstan 4-2 in the first group match.In the second game in Saudi Arabia, the Chinese Olympic team drew 1-1 thanks to a goal from Tan Ende.After two games, The Chinese Olympic team has four points and two goal difference, South Korea has only one goal difference of four points, while Saudi Arabia has two points and Kazakhstan has zero points.In the final game against South Korea, The Chinese Olympic team only needs a draw to advance to the semifinals.By a quirk of fate, as four years ago at the Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, China’s Olympic team needed only a draw to advance.Li Jiyan scored from an Angle in the 35th minute of the first half before Li Yuying scored twice as China lost 3-0 and Saudi Arabia beat Kazakhstan to join South Korea in the semi-finals.Attached is the list of players for the 1996 Preliminary Olympic Games:Sun gang, hewle, XiaoJian, Zhang Enhua, li Ming, Liu Yue, Leo, cecelia brown, ShenSi, Yu Genwei, ZhuangYi, Jody, Wu Chengying, zhou ning, Li Yuzhan, Yao Xia, Zhang Pengsheng, Chen gang, Peng Weijun endor, tan, 2007 Asian cup in July 2007, under the lead of coach zhu guanghu, Chinese football to Malaysia to participate in the 14th Asian cup.Zhu caused controversy by dropping players such as Li Jinyu and Zhao Junzhe in the Chinese men’s team.In the group stage, China has been drawn with Iran, Uzbekistan and hosts Malaysia.In the first match against Malaysia, Chinese men’s football team easily won 5-1.In the second game against Iran, shao Jiayi scored a superb free kick just 6 minutes into the game to give the team a head start.In the 33rd minute, Zheng Zhi crossed from the left and MAO Jianqing volleyed the ball with a sideways volley after a chested stop inside the penalty area.With two goals in hand, Zhu guanghu let his team retreat from the defensive line in order to save the victory, only to be chased by Iran for two goals in a row and eventually tied 2-2.The last battle against Uzbekistan, China men’s football team as long as a draw can qualify, but the main goalkeeper Li Leilei due to injury absence, Zheng Zhi and Li Weifeng accumulation yellow card suspension, so that the strength of the team received no small impact.In the second half, Uzbekistan used three set-piece opportunities to create confusion in front of the goal and score, and eventually China lost 3-0.As the runner-up in the last Asian Cup, The Chinese men’s football team did not even make it out of the group stage.Attached is the 2007 Asian Cup team list:Lei-lei li, three-phase, Dewey, xiang sun, yaokun zhang, weifeng, John, Denver, mingyi ji, czy, jiayi shao, li3 tie3, zheng zhi, Zhao Xuri, Zhu Ting, wang dong, zhou haibing, zheng bin, excluded, peng han, dong fangzhuo, curvelet, Paul peng wang above is about the history of Chinese football in current “draw can qualify” curse of the review.Sadly, today’s Chinese men’s football team has no chance to advance even with a draw.

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