Development and future of anesthesiology

Chinese Anesthesiology Society (CAA) and Chinese Anesthesiology Society (CSA) set the last week of March as “Chinese Anesthesiology Week”.The theme of “China Anesthesia Week” in 2022 is “Reverence for Life, Concern for Anesthesia — Without self, surgery was once painful;With me, safety and pain are guaranteed.”The world’s first anesthetic appeared 1800 years ago at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty in China. Hua Tuo invented the world’s first anesthetic, “Ma Fei SAN”.The use of ether in surgery is considered the beginning of modern anesthesiology.Dr. Morton was the first to introduce ether inhalation anesthesia to the world through the news media, and is widely recognized as the “discoverer of ether anesthesia,” as his epitaph says: “Before him, surgery was torture;Since then, science has overcome pain.However, it was Dr. Long who was officially recognized as the discoverer of ether anesthesia. Every year, National Physicians Day is held on March 30 in the United States to honor physicians’ contributions to human health and social progress.The emergence of anesthesia improves patients’ medical experience, enhances people’s sense of access to medical treatment, and makes anesthesia become the rigid demand of people’s comfortable medical treatment.However, at present, the contradiction between supply and demand of anesthesia human resources is more prominent, the national policy guidance is gradually playing a role, the investment of anesthesia professionals and the strengthening of discipline construction is becoming possible and action.Since the international Doctors’ Day originated from the first anesthesiologist who performed ether general anesthesia, it is of epoch-making significance to commemorate the birth of anesthesiology and promote the healthy development of human beings and the progress of human civilization.Since 2017, Chinese Society of Anesthesiology has organized provincial anesthesiology branches and anesthesiology departments of medical institutions to hold a week-long public benefit activity of popularizing anesthesia knowledge in the last week of March every year, which is called “Chinese Anesthesia Week”.”China Anesthesia Week” aims to enhance public awareness of anesthesiology-related knowledge, ensure perioperative safety, and improve patients’ diagnosis and treatment and perioperative comfort.With the continuous improvement of medical technology and service level, the concept of perioperative analgesia is also changing quietly, from focusing only on perioperative analgesia effect and low incidence of adverse reactions in the past to focusing on whether perioperative analgesia can accelerate postoperative organ function rehabilitation.While maximizing the analgesic needs, the related side effects are minimized, so that patients are in a comfortable state, so as to bring good medical experience.The Department of Anesthesiology attaches great importance to perioperative analgesia services, and actively provides multi-mode analgesia services such as pre-operative analgesia, postoperative self-controlled analgesia, and accurate nerve block guided by ultrasound for patients with major operations and analgesia willingness.In addition, the department of Anesthesiology provides comfortable diagnosis and treatment services to the greatest extent while meeting the needs of perioperative analgesia.For a long time, the operating room is the anesthesiologist’s main battlefield.With the popularization of “comfortable medical treatment”, anesthesia outside the operating room has become another important position for anesthesiologists and anesthesiologists.Anesthesiology is not only the leading discipline but also the main force of comfort medicine.With people’s pursuit of a better life, anesthesiologists are more and more involved in labor analgesia, painless gastroenteroscopy, painless tracheoscopy, interventional surgery, oral comfort medicine, special examination for children and other work, which greatly reduces the discomfort experience of ordinary people during medical treatment and improves medical safety and patient satisfaction.To satisfy people’s yearning for a better life, comfortable diagnosis and treatment has become another goal of anesthesia discipline.Finally, while doing a good job in clinical anesthesia, we should actively advocate “safe anesthesia, academic anesthesia, humanistic anesthesia and quality anesthesia”. Safety is the bottom line, academic is the connotation, humanistic is the realm, and quality is the accomplishment.Through these four aspects to enhance the connotation of anesthesia, improve the importance of anesthesiologists in clinical anesthesia, so as to reflect the value of anesthesiologists.Let more common people understand anesthesia, anesthesia understanding, so as to enjoy anesthesia statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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