Xi ‘an Economic and Development Zone continues to carry out special rectification work in the field of construction waste

At the beginning of the New Year, the open area requires comprehensive implement of fine management, in accordance with the “xi ‘an construction waste comprehensive treatment work leading group office of environmental protection supervision feedback the central problem of the rectification work notice file spirit, the source of dust pollution control work earnestly, increasing construction trash pickup law enforcement inspections,To ensure the healthy and stable development of construction waste industry.February 7 solstice 8 in the morning, chengguan grass land traffic police brigade joint grass land squadron, in view of the recent jurisdiction control, in ShangJi LuZhengYang bridge, such as grass land eight-channel past clinker convey vehicles, pickup line instruction and check mainly scrutiny building trash pickup vehicle high peak load, with mud on the road, along the way scatters, transporting and not emissions of examination and approval of qualifications pickup of such violation behavior,Illegal vehicles will be investigated and dealt with.That night a total of 17 law enforcement officers, law enforcement vehicles 5.We will strengthen dynamic inspections, especially law enforcement inspections, inspections and control of areas prone to illegal and indiscriminate dumping. We will find and investigate all irregularities in the industry, and resolutely put an end to unapproved discharge, indiscriminate dumping and other illegal and illegal phenomena.Next, by the open area will continue to strengthen the construction trash pickup law enforcement inspections, and crack down on all kinds of construction waste field illegal phenomenon, further purification and standardize the construction trash pickup market order, improve the scientific, standardized management level, ensure the security of the district construction trash pickup work, orderly and healthy development.

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