Shock!!!!Japan ping three ACES main force out, Zhang Benzhi and lost 2-4, the world champion 1-4 defeat

On January 28, Beijing time, Japan table tennis championship, Japan’s three main forces out, Zhang Benzhiwa, Ishikawa Kajun and Hirano Miyu were eliminated!Among them, Zhang Benzhi and ping trump card, 2-4 lost to Yoshimura true fine.Ishikawa, the world champion, lost 4-1 to Miyu Kato.The Japanese table tennis team is the second strongest country in the world. Of course, the first is China Ping. Whether it is men’s singles or women’s singles, China Ping is the first in the world, and Fan Zhendong and Chen Meng rank first respectively.Although the Japanese team won the mixed doubles gold medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games, mizutani Hayusa and ITO Mimato created unprecedented history, but the overall strength of the comparison of China ping, the gap is too big, not the first grade.In Japan, where competition is fierce, ITO stands out, but the rest of the men’s and women’s singles are equally strong.Now, there are upsets in both men’s and women’s singles.The biggest surprise came from Zhang Benzhi and he lost 2-4 to Yoshimura Maharu.Zhang Benzhi and ambitious goal, hope to get the Olympic Games men’s single gold medal, become the world no. 1, however, Zhang Benzhi and strength is limited, 15 years old beat Lin Gaoyuan, become the final champion, but now 18 years old, it seems that the gap with Wang Chuqin is bigger and bigger!Born to parents from Sichuan Province in China, Zhang and his father, Zhang Benzhi, became Japanese citizens in order to gain more opportunities.Sure enough, Zhang Benzhihe and Zhang Benmeihe are promising.But Zhang Benzhi and contrast country ping main force, the gap is too big!Ishikawa is the world champion, 2017 World Table Tennis Championships, Ishikawa yasumi partner Yoshimura Masharu, 3-1 down, the Japanese pair 4-3 comeback, Ishikawa became the world champion!But now ishikawa lost 4-1 to Miyu Kato.Miu Hirano lost 4-1 to Hitomi Sato.The Japanese main force has been out, for the country ping is good news, that in the domestic competition, the Japanese players are not dominant.Therefore, the overall strength of the Japanese team at present, the gap between the Chinese team is very large.

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