Pray for The Chinese women’s basketball team, stop the return to the local quarantine, who are the two positive people?

On February 15 (Beijing time), the official social media of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) released an important news that added a little tension to the normally peaceful Lantern Festival.First of all, the Chinese basketball Association briefly reviewed the women’s basketball world preliminary tour.He spoke highly of the achievements of the women’s basketball players.It is a very satisfying result to have successfully qualified for the World Cup by trouncing France by 33 points and winning all three games without losing.But then the association brought up the bad news about the positive women’s team.”In the routine examination before returning to China, two of the women’s basketball team were tested positive for nucleic acid, while the other 24 were negative,” it said.Then the basketball association on the emergency response plan, suspended the return plan, began to quarantine on the spot!Through this brief message we can feel the unexpected and unexpected results of this test.The last match of the Chinese women’s basketball team was held in the early morning of February 14.According to the past practice, in order to minimize the time spent in a foreign country, save a lot of long night dreams.Once the overseas competition is over, the athletes will return home as soon as possible.After the match, Chinese fans waited anxiously for the news of the women’s basketball team’s return, and even wished they could celebrate the Lantern Festival in China.But wait until the Lantern Festival lights up soon there is no news.Maybe it’s time we realized what might be going on.Sure enough, the evening basketball association officially announced this breaking news.The association described it rather conservatively, saying only that there were two positive people on the team.It was not made clear whether it was a team member or a member of the team, presumably to protect everyone’s privacy.In fact, a rational analysis of the players on the field, intense sports, fierce breathing and physical contact, and do not wear masks, exposure time will certainly be much longer than the staff, the possibility of infection will be doubled.Our three world qualifiers are Nigeria, Mali and France.We don’t know if he got it on the field or in the hotel.N95 masks and face shields have been issued to the men’s basketball team during World Cup and Asian Cup qualifiers.Women’s basketball protection awareness is also very much in place.It’s a bit too much to guard against!We don’t have to get to the bottom of who is infected, and the best hope is that there are no more positive people later on.The plan is to isolate in place and continue to watch.Such a sudden incident, may let the women’s basketball team back to the time of a large delay.Under the current policy, it may be necessary to test negative before implementing the 14+7 policy, so a month may pass.Faced with such a result, we fans can do nothing but pray and bless.I hope that those who are positive will recover soon, and other personnel will do a good job of protection, adjust their attitude and be patient in isolation.As the basketball association says, no one will be able to return to China.Their families and fans care about them all the time. Come on!.

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