Napoli VS Inter milan in Serie A

The fundamentals of the the dispute is still the top ranked the second of Naples temporarily at the top in the home game against inter, the only difference between a points of two teams, this will be the winner in the top position, the two teams finished nearly 10 games history, Naples, won only two, grade is 2-3-5, and at home in the face of inter is 1-2-1.In recent matches, napoli four wins and two draws, performance is very good, the Naples of past with sharp attack has been uncharacteristically this season, sound become their signature defensive tactics, the round after a 2-0 victory over Venice, napoli have reaped 13 times in serie a zero, the data ranking top five league, it is worth mentioning,Napoli a door ospina also relied on this zero to become his 100th game in European football zero!And inter in the offseason because of financial difficulties and lost conte, replaced by lazio coach – simone inzaghi, this was undoubtedly the relegated to this level of inter club, inter this season had a new coach, and sold the two star, but the depth of the power is still in, currently ranked at the top of serie a is stunning.But in today’s game, inter just played against roma in the Coppa Italia last Wednesday, a week of double matches is a huge test of the fitness of the players, and Napoli did not have a game in the middle of last week, napoli players have a great physical advantage.In addition, inter right-back buss Tony in the round after received the ticket, the Italian football federation for his dissatisfaction with the referee just called a penalty is in the game and insulted the referee, for the penalty, he drew a suspended for two games as the team defense the absolute main force, Tony’s absence of bath is a great loss for inter defence.Index both strength very close, and napoli are present on the ground and physical aspects occupy a certain advantage, today the refers to by the flat half of the initial point, given by the late after adjustment for a draw, the advantage of Naples is the subject of value attitude, behind European tasks on both sides, so close to the strength of the performance is also true that let the market hard,Then the draw also balanced the market capital direction, this field wei wei think should be more optimistic about the dominant Napoli home battle to win inter.Tournament direction: Win Total goals: 1-2 Score Suggestion: 1-0, 2-0

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