Mi MIX5 Pro big exposure: boundless full screen +200W flash charge, better than iPhone13

The mi MIX4 was released with a big change in appearance.Especially after the all-ceramic body design, it can be said that the recognition of Xiaomi mobile phone has been raised to a new level.In fact, although the mi MIX4 series has improved in terms of awareness, it doesn’t change much compared to the appearance design of other domestic phones.As for xiaomi’s next flagship model, Mi Mi MIX5 Pro, foreign media have high expectations on the appearance design of mi MIX5 Pro.Foreign media have exposed a set of renderings of the mi MIX5 Pro.In this set of design drawings, the unbounded full screen design can bring more impact visual effect.Xiaomi is known not only as a phone maker that values integrated screen design, but also as a phone maker that is willing to invest in core technological innovation.However, the industry is making progress.I believe Xiaomi will continue to work hard in the future to bring more eye-catching products to the industry.In terms of exterior design, according to the concept picture exposed, the front of the Mi MIX5 Pro adopts a more advanced and comprehensive design concept.Unbounded overall screen is the integrated screen design of the machine, giving people infinite visual experience.Thanks to Xiaomi’s in-house under-screen camera technology and more extreme curved screen technology, the screen’s black edges are handled fairly well and the proportion of the screen has increased dramatically.Better looking than the AiPhone13, the mi MIX5 Pro has a 6.73-inch curved screen, LTOP2.0 support, a very high overall screen ratio and 120Hz refresh rate technology, so the screen quality of the machine is very good.On the camera side, the mi MIX5 Pro features a rear four-camera design that is integrated into an oreo module that sits in the middle of the rear of the phone.In addition, the body design is more rounded than the mi MIX4, so the whole phone looks more pleasing and design.In terms of specs, the camera reportedly features a 50 megapixel 1/1.12 “outsole super main camera, a 48 megapixel ultra wide Angle 48 megapixel telephoto lens and an unknown lens, all three with OIS technology added.If so, the performance of the mi MIX5 Pro’s 1/1.12-inch rear main camera and xiaomi’s computational photography system, plus the leica red label, are well worth looking forward to.In terms of hardware parameters, mi MIX5 Pro is reportedly equipped with snapdragon 8Gen1 flagship 5G platform in order to gain stronger competitiveness.Xiaolong 8Gen1 flagship 5G platform adopts Samsung 4nm technology, with X2+A710+A510 CPU architecture design and adreno730GPU specifications.Therefore, under the support of Snapdragon 8Gen1, the core performance of this machine will usher in a qualitative leap.In addition, the machine reportedly offers a 5000mAh battery and is equipped with 200W ultra-fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging technology.In addition, the aircraft is also equipped with LPDDR5+UFS3.1, IP68 and other core hardware and technology.If so, the overall experience of the machine will be enhanced.The design of the mi MIX5 Pro shown above brings unprecedented visual effects, greatly increasing the screen ratio of the entire phone.The addition of core hardware such as Snapdragon 8Gen1 will further enhance the core competitiveness of the machine, especially the 1/1.12 super-large bottom camera system, which may make a qualitative leap in the camera performance of the machine.If the mi MIX5 Pro revealed above is true, then xiaomi phones have reached a new level in terms of comprehensive screen design and hardware configuration!Finally, what do you think of the mi MIX5 Pro?Welcome to comment!This article by MG digital China original, welcome to pay attention to, with you to grow knowledge

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