Many bamboo shoots!Donggang man defrauded friends of more than 500,000 yuan for personal investment…

A police station in the development zone of Dandong Donggang City, Liaoning province, has successfully cracked a fraud case and arrested a criminal suspect after careful investigation and careful work.In January 3, 2022, donggang City Public Security Bureau development Zone police station received the area of the people Wang Long alarm said: its friend Wang first to help with strawberry processing procedures on the grounds of a cumulative fraudulent RMB 500,000 yuan.After receiving the alarm, the police station quickly organized police around the case investigation.In the master wang mou first implementation of fraud after the crime evidence, January 25 afternoon, the police will be summoned to the police station to accept the investigation.After the trial, the suspect Wang mou first (male, 51 years old, donggang City xinxing district) to its to help the victim for strawberry processing procedures on the ground, has defrauded the victim of more than 500,000 yuan for personal business investment criminal facts confessed.At present, the suspect Wang Mou long was detained in criminal detention according to law because of the crime of fraud, the case is still being investigated further.(Huashang Daily reporter Zhang Haizhou editor Luo Qi)

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