Guangdong man abandons girlfriend, wants to be with other woman together, girlfriend: take break up fee to say again first

If there is no emotion or conflict in a relationship, the experience is bound to come to an end.But a lot of people get so caught up in it that they think they love the other person that they will get something back.When there is no response from the other side, some people will take the initiative to get, of course, some people will give up, after all, the relationship is two people’s business.But there are many of them even if they choose to let go, or like lingering, which makes two people will lead very hard.On a street in shenzhen, guangdong, a 22-year-old Tang Li and a young woman in pandering, originally because Tang Li xin-xin li’s boyfriend for the young woman wanted to break up with her, so find a xin-xin li Tang Li was angry, thus disputes broke out, Tang Li said “I was the woman robbed, her boyfriend know Zhang Liangyou girlfriend, also involved,It’s the act of a mistress.”In the face of Tang Li’s accusations, Li Xinxin also not to be outdone, refuted “you two broke up, I like Zhang Liang, but we are not together.”I heard that, Tang Li more anger and keep people will tell a clear context “Tang Li and zhang have been together for more than two years, but usually liang zhang like online chat with other women, but also about something outrageous topic, so the two young men although nominally still together, but often quarrel because of such a thing,But Zhang Liang did not therefore and convergence of their own spiritual betrayal, but is more intensified.Tang li has no choice but to compromise. After all, they have been together for several years and they have feelings.”In Tang Li point of view, as long as the boyfriend is no longer do more things, they turn a blind eye, but the other Tang Li did not think of, zhang liang and unexpectedly with a female colleagues in the company of having an affair, and two people also have a favorable each other, so Tang Li for zhang liang and the feelings of their own sense of crisis, after much consideration,Tang sent a message to the female colleague, Li Xinxin, warning her: ‘Zhang Liang has a girlfriend, so don’t do something thankless.’After chatting, Li Xinxin also chose to delete Zhang Liang’s contact information.Thought everything will be back on track Tang Li still immersed in the joy, but feeling something, after all, it is hard to ponder xin-xin li don’t know what reason again later added zhang liang is good friend, two personal feeling is kind of small don’t newly wedded, so emotions have increased, so zhang liang to Tang Li put forward to break up.Seeing his male friend has changed heart, Tang Li helplessly returned his home hunan, but the Tang Li that returns home more think more unwilling, obviously oneself worked hard to manage more than two years of feeling, really can be oneself exit just calculate outcome?Three days later, Tang Li returned to Guangdong again and called Zhang Liang.Tang Li cried on the phone, saying that she had no relatives in Guangdong and had no place to live. It may be that she read the old love, And Zhang Liang agreed with Tang Li to come back home to live. The two people talked for a long time that night, and Zhang Liang also called Tang Li “baby”.This let Tang Li think two people have been coming together, but in the heart of zhang liang, two people can have no and good, so turn to xin-xin li expressed his love again, when her boyfriend again after a change of heart, recall the night before zhang preached the call, “baby” Tang Li could not take it anymore, so it happened at the beginning of the scene,Tang Li stopped Li Xinxin in the street.Always noisy in the evening, in the afternoon, two people from the beginning to the end tang lido in the indictment xin-xin li robbed your boyfriend, also played xin-xin li during two slap, in contrast, xin-xin li is always express a love a person not wrong, who also can not control feelings, I want to with liang zhang, but it’s also in zhang liang and Tang Li after breaking up, so oneself also no problem.Seeing dispute so long also do not have a result, both sides called his friend, as well as the boyfriend Zhang Liang that both sides contend for.Zhang Liang arrived after the first to show their attitude, claiming that they have no relationship with Tang Li, has broken up a week, but Tang Li does not admit, because the night before Zhang Liang also called his baby, this is clearly has been reconciled, how can still be a break up state?Although Li xinxin has repeatedly said that he and Zhang Liang did not establish a relationship, but when Tang Li looked at her phone records, she found a photo of the two people hugging each other.Faced with such evidence, Li xinxin was speechless.When zhang liang was asked if li Xinxin broke up with Tang Li, Zhang denied it.Zhang liang said, “After fighting for more than two years, I would quarrel with all kinds of little things, so they were not suitable for each other. I broke up with them.”But in tang Li’s eyes, Zhang Liang broke up with his affirmation because li Xinxin.No matter how, in the eyes, if zhang liang and interaction between xin-xin li is in zhang liang and Tang Li break up after a week, that is normal, I heard that, Tang Li completely out of control, may also be a qi, said “do you think of normal, normal, now I’m tired of playing, then send him to you.”But completely put down a love for more than two years of people and it is not easy, perhaps Tang Li said these words and regret, they put forward to break up can, but must first take break up fee again.Because when two people together, Zhang Liang made a promise to Tang Li, if he betrayed the feelings, then it will compensate Tang Li twenty thousand yuan, and Zhang Liang also took thousands of dollars from Tang Li card, so if the breakup, then the breakup fee is to let Zhang Liang bear.But in the face of Tang Li such requirements, Zhang Liang did not promise, after all, did not sign the agreement, so Zhang Liang did not admit that he had made a commitment, and said that this is Tang Li in nothing.Although Tang Li wants to break up the fee, maybe this is tang Li wants to retain Zhang Liang as a way, but Zhang Liang has not admitted, and asked “break up to give the fee, there is no such provision”.Finally no matter how Tang Li asks for, Zhang Liang did not agree, two people left the scene under the persuasion of their friends, this section of feeling is so unhappy.Some people said that Tang Li was too strong and aggressive. It was only natural for Zhang liang to break up with her. After a long time, no one could stand such a hot-tempered woman.Also someone says “Tang Li also pretty poor, a person from hunan and guangdong, the results also abandoned by her boyfriend, maybe she didn’t want to so strong, only will be compelled helpless big fight in the street,” I think perhaps the real problem lies in the liang zhang, handle affection hesitate, also did not deal with in a relationship, and to have a favorable to their xin-xin li to express love,Maybe Zhang Liang and Tang Li are really not suitable, but if not, we should have mentioned it earlier, rather than a temporary softhearted and give Tang Li hope.Zhang Liang abandoned cummer has also become a foregone conclusion, even if there is no Li Xinxin may still be Zhang Xinxin, Wang Xinxin’s appearance.Again, if you want to be with another woman, you have to deal with your last relationship, or you’ll end up hurting yourself.

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