Geological exploration of Beilun section of Ningbo section phase III project of Hangyong High-speed double line was completed

Recently, G9221 Hangyong high-speed double line Ningbo section of the third phase of the project weihai Road to Chai Qiao section completed beilun section of the field exploration, to provide detailed geological data for the road design, the project is planned to start within the year.Hangzhou-ningbo high-speed double line is one of the important parallel national highway hangzhou bay area loop line, ningbo section of the three phase from weihai, double line hangyong ningbo section of a period, coastal tu crossing zhenhai harbor, a cable-stayed bridge across the yong river, and in the pulp &paper, on the south across the hongyuan to avenue road, a tunnel through the poor mountain, east route into LuoXia road corridors,Along Luoxia Road to Minjiang Road, turn southeast, cross Chenhua Interchange and national Road G329, set up Xiapu junction to connect chuanshan Shugang Expressway, cross Chuanshan Port freight railway to the east and end at The First phase of Liuheng Expressway Chaiqiao junction, with a total length of 26.2 kilometers.Double line because the hangyong highway section of the three phase across the beilun district, ningbo across QiJiaShan pipe rack, via set card port road, along the more large enterprises, underground pipe network, especially QiJiaShan pipe gallery with distribution of the product oil pipeline, crude oil, defense cable and multiple large pipes, once the pipeline damage, will cause great losses of property.In addition, jingang Road drilling construction project is facing the double pressure of traffic safety and underground pipe network safety.In this regard, Ningbo Municipal High Construction Center and traffic police department strictly examine and approve the construction plan, and the safety guarantee group, digging and exploration group, drilling construction group, water supply, and fence transfer are responsible for special personnel and vehicles, which are interlinked and layered guarantee.In the construction site, rows of anti-collision barrels, traffic guidance boards, flashing lights, reflective cones, etc., from time to time to remind the vehicles to avoid, at the same time, each construction area is equipped with safety assistants to divert traffic.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address:

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