Fine 40,000 yuan, arrest 5 days!Shishi a man’s cold chain warehouse has hidden secrets

At first glance, the warehouse piled up are some ordinary domestic frozen food never thought, behind the trap!It’s not that simple…Check the warehouse owner CAI mou good unexpectedly use these ordinary frozen food as cover, in the four corners of the warehouse respectively base a person more than high “goods wall”, a batch of imported frozen food not reported according to the provisions, is preparing for foreign sales hidden among them, avoid supervision.Recently, lingxiu town imported cold chain special class organization Lingxiu town market supervision office, Lingxiu police station and other departments to carry out joint law enforcement inspection, in the area of food operators CAI good warehouse, seized 40 boxes of imported frozen chicken feet without reporting.Arrow is where the store owner keeps unreported frozen products fortunately, none of these frozen chicken feet have been sold yet!Nucleic acid detection report is also negative!But CAI shan does not cooperate, do not implement imported cold chain food prevention and control measures in violation of food safety regulations, is not the first time!On October 27, 2020, CAI mou shan did not perform the purchase inspection of imported frozen food, was warned by the Market supervision administration of Shishi City.On August 30, 2021, CAI Mou shan was fined 10,000 yuan by the Shishi Market Supervision Administration bureau for operating imported frozen food without establishing the inspection record system of agricultural products.Warning!Fine!Three things only!Result “shake clever”, was caught again!Recently, when the inspection team to CAI good business place “look back” inspection found that CAI good did not operate their own frozen food behavior to report, and deliberately avoid supervision, still did not establish imported cold chain food purchase inspection record system, also refused to correct, serious.The Shishi City market supervision Administration imposed a fine of 40,000 yuan and transferred him to the public security organs for processing.Because CAI mou shan’s behavior has been a refusal to carry out the people’s government in the state of emergency issued according to the law, orders, Shishi public security department according to the Law of the People’s Republic of China public Security Management Punishment, to its administrative detention for 5 days.Again!According to the circular issued by Quanzhou and Shishi successively, all units or individuals who store, sell, circulate and process imported cold chain food must take the initiative to register with the special class of imported cold chain food in each town (street) and accept supervision by holding business license, ID card and other relevant documents.For the units or individuals who violate the provisions of the notice, do not cooperate with or implement the prevention and control measures of imported cold chain food, they will be punished in accordance with the Emergency Response Law of the People’s Republic of China and other provisions;If the circumstances are serious, the relevant products shall be sealed up and ordered to stop production or business for rectification;If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.The prevention and control of the epidemic should not be slackened in stamping and supporting severe punishment

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