Challenge yourself!Su Yiming second jump score 93.00, provisional first!

The men’s snowboard grand jump final of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games took place in Shougang, Capital of China, February 15, 2008.China’s su Yiming, who turned 18, played steadily and rose to the top after her second skate.Su ranked fifth in the qualifying round on Saturday afternoon and scored 92.50 points, the highest in the competition.In the first skate of the final, he scored 89.50 points with an outward turn of 1,800 degrees, ranking second among 12 skaters.On the second slide, Su, unsurprisingly, chose her famous 1800-degree inside turn to complete the aerial maneuver with ease and land firmly.The jump earned a high score of 93.00, and Su moved to the top with a total score of 182.50.Having successfully completed 1,800 degrees in both directions, Su also had the capital to go for it.In the final round, he is likely to challenge for a podium or gold medal with the most difficult 1980-degree twist in his personal reserve.Netizen: Look forward to Yiming erming amazing!

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