Zhong Xintong’s version of “Green Snake: The Leading Edge” has a poor reputation, and netizens feel even more sorry for it

When it comes to Green Snake, many people will immediately think of Maggie Chen in The Legend of the New White Lady and Maggie Cheung in Tsui Hark’s Green Snake.These two costumes or beautiful lovely, or enchanting, but have one thing in common, that is, the snake’s slender perfect display, let the audience from the visual enjoyment of the United States.But the recent release of green Snake: The Leading Edge, an online blockbuster, has left audiences gasping for breath.In this film, Zhong Xintong plays the role of green snake, but her figure has become fat, no matter the face shape or waist is no longer in the past, and she cannot show the charm or flexibility of green snake.In addition, the costume of the film has also been ridiculed by netizens, saying that it is a parody of the classic, with stiff action and a strong wind of the county film studio.In terms of story plot, this film is also different from the familiar stories of Green Snake, White snake and Fa Hai. It is a completely new creation with green snake gimmick.After all, there are many green snakes, and they don’t have to be white Snake.Many netizens also felt sorry for Zhong xintong, after all, she was also a dream lover in the hearts of countless netizens.But since yan zhao door incident, she was not only criticized by netizens, related film and television resources are plummeting, long time from the audience disappeared in the field of vision.Although Zhong xintong is now more active on the Internet than before, she can only participate in the network university without her share of big film and television production.She also played daji before, still let the audience surprised.In fact, this is also related to the production process of network movies.With less investment and short time span, big-screen movies certainly can’t compete with their theatrical counterparts in terms of costumes and cast.Assembly-line films such as Green Snake: The Leading Edge, Banshen: Daji, Strange Tales from a Studio called Liaozhai: Painted Skin and Fugu are destined to be criticized by netizens.Nowadays, the film industry has become highly commercial. Online movies are both entertaining and commercial, and pay more attention to the quick acquisition of commercial interests.At present, the network university has enriched the audience’s choice in quantity, but it still needs to make progress in quality.We hope that Domestic films can offer more quality works to the audience, and we also hope that filmmakers and investors can be strict with themselves and create more works worthy of examination by the audience.

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