Xingren city four leaders to carry out tomb-sweeping activities for martyrs

In order to remember the martyrs, carry forward the spirit of heroes, and create a good atmosphere of advocating heroes, on April 2, Xingren city four leaders Zhan Danzhi, Pan Weiwei, Fan Guome, Zhou Guohui rate team to the martyrs cemetery for revolutionary martyrs in a period of time, to express the deep memory and high respect for the revolutionary martyrs.Green mountains bury loyal bones, green waters reflect the soul.Martyrs cemetery early in the morning, clean and tidy, solemn, cemetery monument in the middle of the “martyrs cemetery” four characters, by the mountain of the cypress covered, particularly conspicuous, faintly flashing red light.In this solemn martyrs cemetery, take part in the city of sweeping four leaders in turn slowly walked to the martyrs monument, standing in order, with great reverence and a heavy heart, to the revolutionary martyrs offer flowers, collective silence, affectionate bow, deep memory for the revolutionary cause, heroic dedication of the revolutionary martyrs.After the end of the activity, xingren city four leaders also walked to the cemetery martyrs tombstone, pay respects to the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs.(Xingren Rong Media Center reporter Luo Daxing Zheng Shucai report) Editor: Wu Linjie Second trial: Liu Mingxia final trial: Liu Kuanhuai

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