“This Life has You” has real feelings above all else

Zhong Hanliang, Li Xiaoran after 12 years again hand in hand of the new work “this life has you” is CCTV 8 sets and youku broadcast, a lot of audience because of “this life has you” “middle-aged idol drama” label into the pit.But total producer Dun Qi thinks however, “this life has you” is not a pure “middle-aged idol drama”, but a true, the emotional drama with human pyrotechnics.Love is my Best Time, the original novel of This Life has You, was published 10 years ago, and it has been 12 years since chung han-leung and Li Xiao-ran last worked together.But in the aesthetic of 2022, the lack of a stale feel, the delicate interpretation and the fireworks of urban life make the deep feeling “This Life Has You” tries to convey particularly touching.See audience to “this life has you” positive feedback, producer Dun Qi is also very gratified.After joining Youku, Dunqi has also produced “Rebirth” and other popular TV series, but like “This Life has you” such emotional head homemade drama is his first attempt.From the beginning of filming, Dunqi will be “true love” as the core selling point of “This Life has You”.At the beginning of the casting of Wallace Chung, Dunqi stressed, “We are very pyrolytic throughout the play, and we don’t want all the big-brand clothes.”Not only Zhong Hanliang, Li Xiaoran is also simple makeup, even direct makeup performance.”‘ This Life has You ‘is a life drama, not an idol drama,” she said.In order to “true” to do the extreme, Zhong Hanliang original cast.There’s no voice actor’s pronunciation, but there’s no penalty for emotional expression.”If realistic themes are based on the original sound, the characters and actors will be more integrated and the audience will accept them.”Sophisticated production dig head drama core competitiveness Dun Qi said, “This life has you” or the main emotion, “firm, strong to maintain a relationship, whether it is family affection, friendship, love, this is the present our hearts to the true feelings of desire, but also our original intention of creation.”Dun’s appeal has also been recognized by director Liu Junjie and leading actors Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran.In the industry for many years, Dun Qi has produced a lot of popular TV series, whether it was the Golden Marriage, Legend of Zhen Huan, or now “Rebirth” and “This Life has You”, have been recognized by the market.”This life has you” hot start, by many people as “middle-aged idol drama” the rise of the market, but Don’t see so.He thinks that the main fireworks “This life has you”, the victory lies in the life emotion, will really achieve its head has the core competitiveness, rely on is “fine” “extreme” creation.”This Life is You” is extremely demanding in terms of production detail.During the preparation, Director Liu junjie and he often drew a map of Shanghai in the studio. “We had to figure out in detail how far It was for Nie Yusheng’s house, how far nie Yusheng went to the hospital and the company, whether it was by bike or taxi, or which bus to take,” He said.Li Xiaoran played single mother Talk jing lives in a small lane, the furnishings in the community are in the shed than a reduction, only to give the core competitiveness of the drama code.New play unceasingly “lighter and princess skirt” and other drama rush beach screen Dun Qi frankly, because “this life has you” is not fast rhythm, to the cool feeling of content, in the production, need to do more solid ability to win the audience.He also wants audiences to settle down and enter the world of this Life.”Take it easy and ease into their emotional world.You miss them until they come through.”Cooperate with Dun Qi “this life has you” hind, director Liu Junjie is invited again, direct dun Qi studio’s new play “lighter and princess skirt”.Dunqi said this is also this year’s studio production is worth looking forward to a work, “it is not the same as’ This life has you ‘, but are worth looking forward to.”In addition, including “Blazing Road”, “My Orange Lover”, including a number of emotional drama will continue “This life has you” the head of the emotional drama line, meet with the audience this year.And the previous big hit “Rebirth”, this year will also release “Rebirth Road”, and continue to develop the follow-up “Rebirth Road”.Dom said that not only the “Rebirth” series, but also a series of mystery dramas such as “China Criminal Police” series, “Operation Breaking Dawn” and IP series will be the focus of his and his team’s work.Systematization, specialization, differentiation and serialization are summed up by Dunqi as the “four Modernizations” characteristics of his work team.But Mr. Dunqi said he was still learning to explore the differences between networks.”I used to work with Director Zheng Xiaolong to make a drama every year, but now it is on a large scale, ensuring stable output and ensuring the quality of the drama has become the biggest requirement.”But he admits that he is not worried, just like his anti-copycat “This Life has You”, excellent content to convey the truth, the audience will naturally recognize.Article/our reporter Xiao Yang statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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