The descendants of The Zhou family in Lingling have a travel meal during the Spring Festival

Rednet moment On February 8 (correspondent Yang Wanli, Chen Bin, Yang Wenzhe) three guns salute, three sacrifices, seasonal fruits and vegetables filled the table, three bowing ceremony, 73 years old Zhou Mingzhu led the family of three generations to read the Zhou family motto.Every Year on New Year’s Eve, zhou family’s descendants gather in the courtyard of Lingling District, Yongzhou City, to worship their ancestors and pray for their ancestors.Zhoujia courtyard has a long history, is the song Dynasty neo-confucianism founder Zhou Dunyi descendants in the Ming and Qing dynasties built six courtyards, covering an area of more than 100 mu, the whole courtyard layout rigorous, exquisite design, dougong eaves, colorful gold decoration, hanging lanterns at the door of the couplets, everywhere filled with thick flavor of the New Year.Murmuring stream flowing along the village, black tile horse head wall residential ornament among them, a quiet and leisurely beauty.With the advantages of “Famous Chinese historical and Cultural Village” and “national key cultural relics protection unit”, Lingling District has built Zhoujia Courtyard as a modern version of “Paradise”, and invested more than 10 million yuan to comprehensively repair it, continuing the traditional style of the ancient village.Today’s Zhou jia courtyard is attracting visitors from all directions with ancient glamour.Thick blue stone slabs, carved wooden panes, each object tells the visitor about its history and vicissitudes.Zhou Zhonghua, a 62-year-old local villager, told me that the renovated Zhou courtyard showed the original style.The smoke from the ancient village roof curling up, children in groups in front of the house playing skateboards, not far from the fireworks rising, the sunset under the Zhou courtyard appears more thick.Zhou Kun, a college student who went back to his hometown during the winter vacation, told me that he used to look forward to the Spring Festival in the city, but now the taste of Spring Festival in the countryside is stronger.At the Xianguyandong restaurant near the Zhou family compound, owner Chen Chunjie is busy greeting three or four tables of home-returning guests with dried bamboo shoots, salted duck, preserved pork and seasonal vegetables.Chen chunjie said that during the peak season, he received more than 400 people a day, with a daily profit of 20,000 yuan. He hired eight local people to work in the store.”In the past, it was difficult to farm and support my family, so I had to work outside. Now I can earn money at home and no longer have to leave my hometown to make a living.”Working in xiangu Cave restaurant Zhou Zhongqing told the author, now Zhou courtyard has become a well-known tourist resort, holidays, weekends tourists stream in an endless stream.She now earns more than 3,000 yuan per month on average, which is much better than working outside.According to Tang Qiaoling, member of the Publicity Committee of Fujiaqiao Town, Lingling District, Zhoujia Courtyard received more than 80,000 tourists in 2021, and the comprehensive tourism income reached more than 4 million yuan. The surrounding villagers had tourism meals, and their income increased significantly.

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