“Intoxicate” become “sinner”!Four people in Chenzhou were convicted of dangerous driving

Don’t drink, don’t drink, don’t drive Maybe you’re a good drinker after a party and everyone else is drunk and you wake up alone Maybe you’re an excellent driver and you drive all the way down the road and drift and bend whatever you want to do but drunk driving is fun for a while, accident tears two lines eat and drink two glasses, should it be okay to drive?Drunk driving?Gall also te big!Take a good look at the dangers of drunk driving.On February 10, 2022, beihu District People’s Procuratorate reviewed and prosecuted four cases of drunk and dangerous driving crime in accordance with the law, and held a centralized hearing in Beihu District People’s Court and pronounced the verdict in court.The whole trial was broadcast live online, which effectively revealed the serious consequences of drunk driving, showed the good image of judges and prosecutors, and enhanced the judicial authority and credibility.The court for the dangerous driving crime of Wang, Liu and other 4 defendants were sentenced to detention for one to three months, and imposed a fine ranging from 1000 to 5000 yuan.Wang mou, Liu mou and other 4 defendants per capita said plead guilty to serve not appeal.After sentencing, the prosecutor delivered a message to the prosecutor in court: the consequences of drunk driving are serious, the dignity of the law is not allowed to blaspheme, judicial determination is not allowed to underestimate, illegal crimes will be severely punished.The 2022 Spring Festival has just passed, we hope that the general public firmly establish the safe driving concept of “not drinking and driving, not drinking and driving”, eliminate the chance mentality, and jointly resist the occurrence of drunk driving, drunk driving and other illegal and criminal behaviors.At the same time, I also hope that the four defendants learn lessons and strive to be law-abiding good citizens in their future life.The prosecutor’s standard for driving under the influence of alcohol is driving with a blood alcohol level of 20mg/100ml or greater and 80mg/100ml or less.Criteria for drunk driving: the driving behavior of a vehicle driver whose blood alcohol level is greater than or equal to 80mg/100ml.Finally want to remind everybody is, even if you don’t drink and drive, also may be a joint crime of dangerous driving, generally has the following several ways: 1, in the process of drinking, behavior person know perfectly well the driver must be driving, is still struggling to vomiting-inducing toasts or coercion, stimulate their drinking, and don’t find generation for its driving after drinking behavior.2, the actor knows the driver drinking, abetting, coercion or ordering the driver to drive a motor vehicle behavior.3. The behavior of the vehicle owner who knowingly lends the vehicle to the borrower when the borrower is drunk and requires to drive the motor vehicle.Source: Beihu Procuratorial Editor: He Xuan Second Instance: Xie Bin Final Instance: Wang Shoudong Yuan Junjie CCTV report!What did the chenzhou nurse do?Chenzhou issued regulations!You can’t be capricious with a dog!These actions will be punished…Two people in Chenzhou were severely warned by the party and seven were held responsible for false replies and neglect of duty

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