Flying practice is like string warbling spring rhyme

Painting is an experience of life in harmony with life, using pen and ink to talk instead of opening to talk. This kind of silent aesthetic experience is called “wonderful contract and silence” in Chinese aesthetics.• My book “Flying Practice like Strings In Spring rhyme” was written with splash-ink technique. The scenery in the painting is not in the eyes, but the landscape image accumulated in “Heart source”.Is it not a landscape quatrains with a feeling to comprehend “nature” with “heart source”?Thirst brush outline the texture of the mountain, tender pen light ink rendering rock Yin and Yang back, thick broken light, light broken thick, thick and light appropriate ink accumulation, the formation of the wall peak group, give a person with a sense of immersive.• Very straight taking without spreading the Yin to the diplomat. The ink is very dense, moist but not rich, dry but not chai. The very rich and dripping breath of the pen and ink is just like a wine taper blowing on a bottle.• “Wonderful Contract” is the painter’s heart waiting, it is the harmony of the small universe to the natural universe, and it is the invisible integration after removing the conflict between man and thing (the world).The kind of “silent” inspiration to tide, can only be understood, not at all.Came to catch is the picture, slip away is the picture.• This painting is originally an ink painting, but due to a new green embellishment to green landscape.Its appearance was originally to echo the red houses in two villages and produced a sudden idea, but the effect of abrupt business.Peep spot knows leopard, a little green is not only the message that spring brings, in the balance picture tone, has played the role of a touch of eye shadow when women make up.In the atmosphere of ink painting as the main tone, it is also the harmonious color of four to two thousand jin, black, red, green three colors activate the audience for the aesthetic identity of “spring rhyme”.• A little green gives people the poetic association of spring dyeing the countryside, a little more is more, and the painting is endless.Painting is the heart, the environment is the mouth.2022.1.30

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