“Chen Qingxu” 179- Lanzhan: Song Titles forget admiration

Wei Ying came to the cabin, Blue Zhan nature followed, thought after holding jing Yi stay in the cabin, did not dare to act rancidly.Wei Ying walked around the boat and stopped for a while at the stern and bow. “Well, it’s very quiet today. I wonder if there are crabs.”Pick up the cage to check, there are already a lot of crabs, crabs have entered the cage, shuixingyuan did not appear, it seems that the shuixingyuan here has been wiped out.Moon lang star sparse, the lake sparkling waves, although there is no wind, is extremely cold.”Wei Ying, winter nights are cold.”Blue Cham this is urging himself to go back, he did feel very cold, but still want to a layer of insurance.”LAN Zhan, you see this bright moon, a curved, but also a don’t fun.””Tomorrow can be rewarded again.” “Tomorrow’s moon will be tomorrow’s, and certainly not today’s.Besides, tomorrow we’ll go to the dark clouds, and then I wonder if we’ll have a chance to enjoy the full moon.”Wei Ying thought that today’s things to do today, once into the mountains, I was afraid to be busy, too busy to enjoy the moon;Blue Zhan thought Wei Ying worried about strict family rules, he can no longer today as night travel.”No harm.””Ah?It’s easy for you to say, but then…The moon is so beautiful today, I want to play a tune, Lanzhan, my flute?”Chen Qing Blue Cham is to carry, has been placed in the qiankun bag.Wei Ying has never seen Chen Qing since she lost her purse last time.Blue Zhan will Chen Qing out to Wei Ying, “only a song back.”Wei Ying smiled, pondered for a while and began to play.First a song forget envy, melody, there seems to be deep feeling, and there is no lack of young float in the sky, sound into the heart 100 turn ileum.”Blue Zhan, I found you learn to play to depend on.”A song bi, Wei Ying squinting blue Zhans, corners of the mouth up.”I promised to tell me the name of the song, but I haven’t told you yet.”You never asked.””Ha…Not much was said but every sentence was to the point.So I did, but I can’t get out of it today.”Wei Ying came to The front of Blue Zhan, heart way, this time can not hide away.But see Blue Zhan don’t over body, looking at the moon trance.Wei Ying bowed to the man’s ear, “Name?”Blue Cham was frightened by his move back a step, surprised at him for a moment, and low head.Had it not been for the darkness, the red color of Blue Zhan’s face, neck and ears would have been exposed.Blue Zhan work will not be messy, this time also do not say, Wei Ying some worried, “Blue Zhan?”There was no one around, the lake was calm, and Lanzhan seemed to say, “Forget and admire”. “What, Lanzhan, I didn’t hear clearly, what is it?”Lanzhan sighed, looked at Wei Ying’s bright eyes, quietly said, “the song name – ridicule forget envy.””Forget to admire?What kind of name is that? What kind of name is that?Ha ha ha ha ha “Wei Ying joked, thought Blue Zhan will be angry, but see Blue Zhan does not deny not agree, just looking at him.Being looked at embarrassed, Wei Ying stopped laughing, Lanzhan is so primitive, will not use love ah love ah composition name, then seriously consider the name, Lanshi clansman good at rhythm, and to exorcism, purification, meditation, song name or elegant or straight use, the name is strange, but also follow it will be the same unique.Wei Ying walked up and down pondering song name, temporarily think impassability, but also did not pursue.Anyway, he wrote the music, so there must be a reason for the name. I wondered why.But this piece of music…As early as in Big Fan Mountain, Lanzhan recognized me by this song. Does this mean that only we two know this song?How do I know what he wrote?Wei Ying knocked on her head and felt the pain before she found that she was still holding the flute.He rubbed his head and looked back at Chen Qing, when was the first time he played this piece of music?When did I hear and learn this piece of music? Why can’t I remember it with my stone head?.

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