As the last descendant of the eighteen palms of the Dragon, how strong is The skill of Shi Huolong?

“Lean on the Sky and Slay the Dragon” is a classic wuxia work by Jin Yong and the last book in his “Condor Shooting trilogy”.”Condor trilogy”, “Condor Heroes” and “Shencondor Heroes” link up very closely, Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Zhou Botong, Huang Yaoshi and other roles through the two martial arts novels, nine Yin Zhenjing, dragon eighteen palm, finger avatar and other top martial arts also through the two martial arts novels.The time line between “Lean on The Heaven and Kill the Dragon” and “Return of the Condor Heroes” is nearly 70 or 80 years different, and there are few characters connecting the two works, only Zhang Sanfeng and Guo Xiang.Not only there are few connecting figures, there are not many connecting martial arts.In addition to the nine Yin scriptures, the top martial arts in the shooting and divine carving basically disappeared, and could not be found in the heaven.However, the dragon 18 palm to the sun to just palm method, or appeared in the “sky and Dragon slaughter”, just like a glimpse.The eighteen Palms of the Dragon and the Eighteen palms of the Dragon are famous in the martial arts of Jin Yong and also the martial arts of The Gai Gang.In “The Eight Parts of the Dragon”, Qiao Feng with the dragon 18 palm criss-crossing rivers and lakes, few rivals.At this time, the dragon’s eighteen palms are actually twenty-eight palms, but When Qiao Feng died, he simplified it into eighteen palms and taught it to Xu Zhu.That is to say, Hong Qi Gong and Guo Jing’s dragon 18 palms, in fact, are handed down from the virtual bamboo.Jin Yong wrote in the Legend of the Condor Heroes: “Whether the essence of the eighteen palms of the Dragon can be grasped or not has nothing to do with intelligence and wisdom. Perhaps the more intelligent a person is, the less he can practice.Only see Huang Rong smart and Guo Jing Lu blunt, but Guo Jing practice and Huang Rong will never learn.”What does this sentence mean?Guo Jing is almost a complete version of the dragon eighteen palms of the last person.The Eighteen palms of the Dragon require not only high martial talent, but also indomitable toughness and endurance.Guo Jing in his old age, he put the nine Yin zhenjing internal strength fusion into the dragon eighteen palms.In the later period of shendiao, Guo Jing a recruit has regrets to play out there are thirteen ways of staying power, which and when he was in the taihu lake side of the six ways of strength has regrets can be said to be very different.Yeruqi can not learn to complete version of the dragon eighteen palm, because his internal power than Guo Jing too bad.Guo Jing has nine Yin zhenjing, quanzhen xinfa these two top internal power, in addition to Yang Guo, no one can compete with Guo Jing internal power.The eighteen palms of The Dragon of Yeruqi only learned fourteen palms, since then, the eighteen palms of the dragon gradually lost.By the time of the third book of the “Shooting eagles trilogy”, The Gai Gang had become so degraded that it had almost become a second-rate school, and the eighteen zhang of the Dragon had disappeared.However, it is too pity that the method of “18 palm” has completely disappeared, so Jin Yong created a “broken blood” beggars leader, Shi Huolong, in the book “The Chronicle of Heaven and Dragon Slaughter”.”Lean on The Sky and Slay the Dragon” in many masters, Wudang has Zhang Sanfeng, Wudang seven xia;Shaolin has three monks, four gods;There are two unfetterable immortals, four Dharma Kings and so on.According to “Shi Shu Ling Xuan Ge”, one of the underrated characters was Shi Huolong, the leader of the Gai gang, who had a high aptitude for martial arts and was the descendant of the eighteen zhang of the Dragon.”Heaven and Dragon Slaughter” in the original wrote: “Shi Huolong has been the dragon 18 palm of the twelve true biography.We can see through Qiao Feng, Guo Jing, Hong Qigong and others that the cultivation of Dragon eighteen palms needs strong internal force support, and the consumption of internal force is also very large when using Dragon eighteen palms.Shi Huolong only learned twelve strokes and eighteen strokes, not because he was stupid, but because his master could not master the thirteenth.At the end of the divinery, Yeluqi only learned fourteen palms. When it reached the hands of Shi Huolong 70 or 80 years later, Shi Huolong could learn twelve palms already very difficult.(author headline number history book Ling Xuange) martial arts not weak than Yang Xiao why said the history of huolong’s martial arts not inferior to Yang Xiao?First of all, the dragon 18 palm is the strongest palm under The pen of Jin Yong, its power is no worse than the universe.In the eyes of Qiao Feng, a Yang means no more, the power is far less than the dragon eighteen palms.Although Shi Huolong did not learn all, but he is, after all, the descendants of dragon eighteen palms.As the saying goes, “a skinny camel is bigger than a horse.” Eighteen palms of the dragon are no more useless, but also the top martial arts on the river’s lake.In addition, shi Huolong was partially paralyzed. He gave Cheng Kun 12 handshakes and beat him until he vomits blood and runs away.Although Shi Huolong was wounded, but he was paralyzed after all, in the moves can only be passive corresponding, unable to take the initiative to attack.Half paralyzed shi Huolong, can fight and run into Kun, that is not paralyzed shi Huolong, its martial arts are certainly not weak at Yang Xiao.In the book of relying on heaven and killing dragons, Cheng Kun’s kung fu skills are very strong.The golden Lion King Xie Xun was the most powerful of the four French Kings of The Ming Religion, but Xie Xun sought revenge on Cheng Kun several times, and was beaten every time and fled in defeat.Not only that, The bright right of Ming Jiao fan Yao also attacked Cheng Kun several times, but could not take advantage of each time.In the original story of Relying on Heaven and Killing Dragons, Fan Yao said, “But this man was really crafty and strong in martial arts. I tried to plot against him three times but failed.The third time he struck me with his sword, but I was also struck by him, and I escaped with difficulty without showing any sign of myself, but I was so badly wounded that I spent more than a year recovering.”From fan Yao’s words, we can know how strong Cheng Kun’s kung fu is.Cheng Kun can hit Fan Yao injured for a year, and Fan Yao and Yang Xiao but six of one, not much.Therefore, shi Huolong, the emperor of The Gai gang who could beat and run Chengkun, was no weaker than Yang Xiao.The most regrettable is the dragon eighteen palms, Guo Jing, no one can play the power of the palm.(Author headline number History book Ling Xuan Ge)

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