Zhangjiakou Award Plaza successfully completed all the awarding tasks of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Hebei News Network, February 19 (Hebei Daily reporter Wang Junfeng, Zhao Ruixue) Tonight, with the conclusion of biathlon women 12.5km collective start award ceremony, Zhangjiakou Award square successfully completed all the tasks of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.Zhangjiakou the square since the formal operation February 6, 14 days, hosted the winter Olympic Games 49 ceremony of the project, from Norway, Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, 21 countries such as China’s athletes awarded 234 MEDALS, runtime zhangjiakou six five-star red flag rising, the square played three national anthem,Also witnessed the excellent results of the Chinese Team in this Winter Olympics.Zhangjiakou Award Plaza is responsible for heavy award awarding tasks, a large number of customers and cold weather at night, but the team members light the cold with smiles and warm the world with enthusiasm. With the joint efforts of everyone, all the award ceremony is accurate, smooth and zero mistakes.The solemn and glorious ceremony, wonderful and active performance, warm and meticulous service were widely praised by athletes, family members, media and other stakeholders.Prince Albert II of Monaco awards MEDALS to women’s biathlon 15km individual athletes at the Awards Square in Zhangjiakou, north China’s Zhangjiakou, Feb. 8, 2018.Zhangjiakou Awards Plaza presented the Prince with a Chinese paper cut, and the prince left a message for the awards plaza: “Thank you for organizing such a wonderful awards ceremony, thank you for your warm hospitality in Zhangjiakou Awards Plaza.”On February 10th, vice chairman of the international Olympic committee, Beijing Olympics international Olympic committee (ioc) coordination commission chairman Juan Antonio samaranch, obstacles for snowboarding man chasing and snowboarding woman U site skills two award ceremony at the medal, and in the Olympic family leave a message: “thank you for your perfect job, wish good.”Gail, ceremony expert of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, sent a letter of thanks to the awarding plaza and spoke highly of the work of Zhangjiakou Awarding Plaza.”Thank you to all of you and your teams for a wonderful ceremony that provided the most memorable moments for the winning athletes,” she said.Snowboarder Scott James of Australia, silver medalist in men’s halfpipe, shared on social media how volunteers introduced the award process to athletes in English and reminded them to maintain a social safety distance of two meters.The media operation team is an important window for the reception of journalists from all over the world. Their work has been tested in practice. Their warm and enthusiastic spirit, rigorous and meticulous working attitude and comprehensive and solid business ability have provided high-quality services for domestic and foreign media and won wide praise from press officers and journalists from all over the world.The guest book was filled with thanks and accolades, with the Norwegian team writing: “Thank you very much for your warm, friendly and flexible service. Your excellent running methods should be taught to every winter Olympics participant.””Thank you to every staff member for your kind service and support,” the German reporter wrote.The volunteer team carefully prepared the Spring Festival “Fu”, handwritten postcards and three-dimensional greeting cards for the winning athletes.The postcard features handwritten lantern riddles, classical Chinese poetry in Both English and Chinese and a chart of the 24 Solar terms.On the card, the two Chinese athletes, Xu Mengtao and Gu Ailing, are depicted competing with their athletic posture and agile steps.While admiring the exquisite gifts, the athletes also showed great interest in lantern riddles, ancient poetry and the 24 solar terms.Such a gift in the expression of goodwill to athletes from all countries, but also to promote the excellent traditional culture of Our country.Next, the operation team of Zhangjiakou Awards Plaza will continue to work hard to complete the transition period. The Winter Paralympic Games will run for 7 days and hold 44 award ceremonies.Therefore, the venue will conduct relevant training and drills for the Paralympic Winter Games, in order to make preparations for providing high-quality services for the Paralympic Winter Games, and to extend the enthusiasm and warmth of the Winter Olympics to the Paralympic Games 16 days later, and compose the song of the Winter Olympics in zhangjiakou Award Plaza with perfect ceremony.

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