The situation is worrying!Hebei team winter training postponed future uncertain, Tianjin Tianjin tiger by FIFA ban

# Chinese Super League # Beijing time February 10, 2022, today is the fourth day of work after the Spring Festival holiday.For fans of the Chinese Super League (CSL), several teams registered for the new season may be affected by the unsuccessful share reform.According to Beijing Youth Daily, all CSL clubs have started or planned to start their winter training after the seventh day of Chinese New Year, but The News of Hebei football Team’s departure, which was scheduled to go to Hainan for winter training on February 8, has been delayed.Until that afternoon, Hebei club officially announced the team winter training work postponed news, this news is undoubtedly hebei fans for the team’s situation and prospects pinched sweat.Once the news came out, there were even Hebei fans on the Internet: “Destroy it, hurry up, tired.”It has been reported that the parent company, China Fortune Group, withdrew from hebei fc last year in a bid to sell the team after it suffered serious financial problems in early 2021.At that time, CFLD found their three bidders in real estate, China Resources Group, Vanke Group and Hebei Xinkonggang, but none of them was willing to take over the club due to the neutral name policy of CSL and the epidemic.Because the parent company did not want to continue to invest in and operate the club, and there has been no offer to take over, in fact, last year the Hebei Team has been effectively managed by the Langfang sports bureau.Before Chinese New Year this year, langfang sports bureau also once again find flange huaxia happiness property of three companies, communication again hope it can take over November 28, a felt a little relief, as a state-owned enterprises of hebei new airport was held on said willing to consider to take over the November 28, and once the appointment after the club’s plans as a whole.But later, for unknown reasons, New Airport changed its word again, saying that it was not willing to take over and invest in the club. According to media reports, the two sides also fell out for this, and made very unhappy. The specific reason is not known at present.This is why the hebei team can not be in place, unable to resume work.It is reported that many of the players in the team are already actively looking for new players in private, with captain Zhang Guodong returning to his former club Beijing Guoan at the end of last month.Wang Wei, a reporter from Football News, learned from relevant sources that this year’s CSL season will probably start at the end of April, and the admission materials of each TEAM must be completed and handed in by the middle of March, so there may be little time left for Hebei.The situation of Tianjin Tianjin Tigers is relatively better than the Hebei team, but the recent FIFA FIFA disciplinary committee ban or to the team’s new season cast a shadow.”The FIFA disciplinary Committee has imposed a transfer ban on Tianjin Tianjin Tigers football Club for failing to meet its payment obligations,” said Zhu Yi, DTL’s China manager.With immediate effect, Tianjin Tianjin Tigers football Club will not be able to register new players until the suspension is lifted in full compliance with its obligations.”With the ban in place, all previous transfers of potential players have been declared dead.As all the foreign players of tianjin Tianjin Tigers were on loan last season, there was no permanent transfer to the club.On the other hand, the Tigers no longer have a youth team system.Therefore, even if Tianjin Tianjin Tigers can participate in the next season of the Chinese Super League, the lack of outside blood transfusion and the ladder, must be difficult, the previous Guizhou team is a living example, let alone Tianjin Tianjin Tigers is in the Chinese Super League.What do you think of these two teams? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below, and I will discuss with you!For more highlights, check out the sports world

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