The passengers in your car are fugitives!Driver got a call from the police on speakerphone

On February 16, an online taxi driver surnamed Hua was driving a man in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, when the police called and told him to take him to the police station, who turned out to be a criminal suspect.However, the phone was still on speakerphone and the man, who appeared to be awake, overheard the conversation.Soon after, Master Hua and the police together will be subdued the suspect.Master Hua, 58, is a driver for a ride-hailing platform in Hangzhou.At 10:33 am on February 16, Master Hua picked up a young man in Yuhang district. Soon after the man got on the bus, he began to sleep.One hour into the journey, hua was about to arrive at his destination when he received a call from the police.After checking the young man’s itinerary over the phone and confirming that he was still on the bus, the police told Hua that he could not let the man off and would take him to the nearest police station.Confused, Hua realized his phone was still on speakerphone. He quickly turned it off and locked the door.Master Hua was nervous to find that the young man had woken up and heard him talking to the police, but he did not seem sufficiently awake to understand him.Later, Master Hua navigates to the nearest Wulin police station, where, nervous, he mistakenly identifies an office as a police station.He parked in the vicinity, just to see a police on duty, quickly came forward to tell the police there is a “prisoner”.At this point, the young man realized the mistake, got out of the car and fled into the roadside public toilet, because the Windows were locked, the man was trapped inside.After that, the police came to take the man away.According to hangzhou public Security, the young man, surnamed Zhang, is a native of Chun ‘an, Hangzhou, and has a criminal record.He broke into a mobile phone repair shop in Yuhang district on the night of February 15 and stole more than 10 mobile phones and a laptop computer, worth more than 30,000 yuan.On the morning of 16th, Yuhang police station received a report from the shopkeeper. After investigation, the suspect was identified as Zhang, and learned through big data that he got on master Hua’s online car hailing service, which made contact with Master Hua.A reporter from tried to contact Master Hua through the ride-hailing platform on Feb 18, but the employee said that Master Hua declined to be interviewed.Hua told his colleagues that when he heard the police’s request, he felt very responsible and his first reaction was not to let the suspect run away from his car.If the suspect had gotten out of the car and fled, he would have gotten out of the car and followed him, confident that with the help of surveillance cameras on the road, he would have caught the suspect.Hua also revealed that the young man looked strange when he got on the bus and kept looking away while chatting.He tried to test the man by saying, “Nowadays young people can’t afford to suffer. There are two kinds of people who can endure hardships better.The man then responded, “I only deal with people who have been in prison for more than three years.This alarmed Master Hua, who guessed that the man had been in prison before.During the conversation, Master Hua also advised the man to find a serious job.Source: Jimu News/reporter Zhang Qi

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