The USOC thanks boCOG and the Chinese Embassy in the United States

Yang Shuan, vice president of boCOG, met with Ms. Lyons, president of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and Paralympic Committee (IPC) and chef de mission of the US Delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympic Village on Tuesday afternoon, and accepted the honorary trophy presented to CAI Qi, president of BOCOG.Yang shuan first conveyed the greetings from CAI Qi, president of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games, to Lyons and congratulated the American athletes for their excellent performance.He said that under the personal care of President Xi Jinping and the strong leadership of the Chinese government, the BoCOG has adhered to the principles of “green, shared, open and clean” and followed the requirements of “simple, safe and splendid” to hold the Beijing Winter Olympic Games as scheduled.Although the Beijing Olympics is in the background of global COVID – 19 outbreak continues to spread, Beijing residents with great enthusiasm welcome various countries (regions) delegation, Beijing always to keep improving the spirit of the games organizing committee, to create safe, warm and comfortable home of athletes, as participating parties to provide quality competition conditions and good competition experience.The Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a stage for sports competition, but also a platform for cultural exchanges.Ice and snow athletes from China, the United States and around the world gathered in Beijing, united under the five-ring flag, to enjoy passionate competition, and to fully experience the ice and snow culture, Olympic culture and Chinese New Year culture.Yang appreciated Lyons’ positive role in opposing the politicization of sports and upholding the Olympic spirit by leading his delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics and bringing American athletes to China.He pointed out that over the years, the Chinese and U.S. Olympic Committees have maintained good communication and made positive contributions to promoting sports and people-to-people exchanges and carrying forward the Olympic spirit.2022 is a year of special significance for China and the United States.Fifty years ago, President Nixon’s visit to China marked a breakthrough in China-Us relations.Fifty-one years ago, the sports communities of China and the United States created a great story of “ping-pong diplomacy”. I hope that the Olympic Committees of the two countries will work together to take the Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and write a new chapter in china-us sports and people-to-people exchanges, so as to further reflect the aspiration of the two peoples for peace and common development.Lyons said the Successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games against the backdrop of the epidemic is very wonderful. He congratulated the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games.The U.S. athletes were very satisfied with the impressive facilities and services at the Beijing Winter Olympics.I would like to thank the BoCOG and the Chinese Embassy in the US for their assistance in bringing the US Delegation to China.I commend the Excellent work and great efforts of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee.The USOC has always supported the Beijing Winter Olympics, and American athletes have shown great enthusiasm to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.I wish both Chinese and American athletes good performance in the next few days.Lyons said that on behalf of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), I present the honorary trophy to CAI Qi, president of boCOG, to express my respect for his outstanding contribution to the successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.She said that the cup is colored glaze handicrafts, artistic modelling of the number 8 symbolizes infinite friendship and unity, red symbolizes China, but also implies the enthusiasm of athletes like fire, blue symbolizes the beautiful ice and snow and magical venues.Mr Lyons said the “ping-pong diplomacy” of 51 years ago, when a small ball turned a big ball, was significant.The achievements of China-U.S. relations over the past decades cannot be attributed to the friendly exchanges between table tennis players of the two countries 51 years ago.Lesley agreed to strengthen dialogue and exchanges between the two Olympic Committees and promote the development of sports and cultural exchanges between the two countries.Yang shuan, on behalf of CAI Qi, president of boCOG, thanked the USOC for presenting the honorary trophy and returned the gift to Lyons. He welcomed the members of the Lesotho delegation to visit China frequently in the future to further experience the economic and social development of China.

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