Sanitation deep cleaning vehicle introduction

Clean sanitation vehicles for pavement depth deep clean sanitation car has its unique product performance and operating characteristics of the vehicle can be seen on the name with general sanitation clean vehicles have fundamentally different roads, it is a has a wash flicking properties but there is no brush models, it abandoned the traditional scanning mode, the range of cleaning,But the cleaning effect is several times that of the general sanitation equipment.Sanitation deep cleaning car as the name implies is the road deep cleaning cleaning, unlike the sweeping car can see all the garbage cleaning road.Sanitation deep cleaning car is suction cup close to the ground, can see within the scope of the suction can not see all the dirt absorption into the car dustbin.The cleaning effect can be achieved by grams of net.Sanitation deep cleaning vehicle Sanitation deep cleaning vehicle can be used for deep cleaning of the city’s narrow roads, auxiliary roads, colleges and universities, property, squares, parks and airports, docks, Bridges and other places.Contrast picture of cleaning effect of sanitation deep cleaning vehicle

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