Promote the construction of modern changsha with the high quality development of market subjects

Changsha Evening News all media reporter Wu Xinfan Zhou Huixia business environment is directly related to the city’s productivity, competitiveness, attractiveness.The first working day after the lunar New Year holiday, changsha officially released the optimize business environment promote the development of market main body quality action plan three years (2022-2024) “(hereinafter referred to as the action plan for three years), the deployment of the five key tasks, a total of 20 measures, to optimize business environment, with the high quality of the market main body development booster modern new changsha construction.In recent years, Changsha has made every effort to build a world-class business environment based on the expectations and feelings of market subjects and the people, and to build a business environment brand with Changsha characteristics that “everyone has something to do with others, and everyone has something to do with others”.The continuous optimization of the business environment has enhanced the city level and core competitiveness of Changsha, making It a “golden signboard” and a hot land for investment and entrepreneurship.By the end of 2021, the total number of market players in Changsha reached 1.375 million, highlighting the primal effect of market players.Strong provincial capital, provincial capital when self-improvement, the environment should be superior.The release of the action plan for three years, is the full implementation of “four new” strategic positioning and mission, strong capital strategy, and provincial, municipal party congress related deployment, around doing big business, and stronger enterprise, optimal ecological, adhere to the market leading, government guidance, to optimize the business environment, promoting the market main body quality development, to speed up the construction of high standard market system,Promote the construction of modern changsha with the high quality development of market subjects.The Three-year Action Plan sets targets for promoting the development of market players in terms of total volume, structure, quality and ecology by 2024.In short, it is to promote changsha market main body to achieve quantity and quality.In terms of total volume, it is planned to increase at an average annual growth rate of more than 14%. By the end of 2024, the total number of market players in Changsha will jump significantly and the number of market players in changsha will exceed 2 million.In terms of quality, by the end of 2024, 90 “Top 500 enterprises of the third category” will be introduced, more than 100 listed companies will be added, 11 manufacturing enterprises of 5 billion yuan will be added, 6 manufacturing enterprises of 10 billion yuan will be added, 2 manufacturing enterprises of 100 billion yuan will be added, and national and provincial “little giant” enterprises will be added to 100 and 300 respectively.The number of national single champion manufacturing enterprises (products) reached 22.In addition, we will continue to optimize the structure of market players and comprehensively improve the ecology of market players, so as to achieve high-quality development of market players.Strengthening the cultivation of market players in the seven key industries The Three-year Action Plan proposes five key tasks to focus on in order to promote significant growth in the total number of market players and steady improvement in their quality.Among them, Changsha takes the initiative to shoulder the strategic mission of strengthening the provincial capital. In the three-year Action Plan, Changsha clearly puts forward “focusing on the strategy of strengthening the provincial capital and strengthening the cultivation of market subjects in key industries”.It is understood that the action plan for three years in the provincial government documents clear advanced manufacturing enterprises, high-tech enterprises, foreign trade enterprises, based on four key industries such as modern agriculture, in combination with the practical situation of changsha, new real estate construction, commerce, culture, tourism and so on three key industries, to further expand the space to cultivate the market main body.For example, the high-quality development of manufacturing industry is the foundation for changsha to build and strengthen the city.In the three-year Action Plan of “Focusing on the Strategy of Strengthening provincial capitals and Strengthening the Cultivation of Market players in key Industries”, advanced manufacturing enterprises are proposed to be cultivated. From 2022 to 2024, the number of industrial enterprises above designated size in the city will reach 3,300, 3,600 and 3,900 respectively.The number of national single champion manufacturing enterprises (products) has reached 18, 20 and 22 respectively.Changsha is not only the top flow of Internet celebrity cities, but also a red fertile soil of “within ten steps, there will be green grass”.For this purpose, the action plan for three years in a “strong focus on capital strategy, strengthen key industries market main body to foster” puts forward the implementation of cultural tourism in the enterprises operation, strive to cultivate cultural enterprises, strengthen the red culture resources protection and utilization, promote the culture and science and technology, Internet, travel, sports, such as depth fusion, build a batch of characteristic culture industry park.We will promote the quality and upgrade of tourism, vigorously promote all-for-one tourism, implement the digitalization strategy of the industry, and develop new forms of tourism.We will vigorously develop rural tourism, and give birth to a number of distinctive and attractive business entities, such as farmhouses and b&Bs.By 2024, there will be more than 1,600 cultural enterprises and 1,000 tourism enterprises in the city.In 2021, Changsha a-share listed companies continue to lead the central cities with A total of 78, ranking fifth and first among provincial capitals in China.In the competition of enterprise listing, which can best reflect the quality of economic development and test the success of enterprise development, one of the secrets of Changsha’s continuous leading is to continuously optimize the business environment, strive to cultivate the “ecological forest” for enterprise listing, play a good “forest”, and provide the most suitable “sunshine, rain and soil” for enterprise listing.In December 2021, Dajia Vikang, which was incubated locally in Yuelu High-tech Zone, was successfully listed on gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the eighth A-share listed company in Changsha in 2021.From land grant to plant construction, business recommendation to listing guidance, the listing of Dajia Vikang has always been accompanied by relevant functional departments in Changsha and Yuelu High-tech Zone.For these warm heart services, Dajia Weikang Pharmaceutical Industry Co., LTD. Executive President Hu Shengli gave a thumbs-up.The Three-year Action Plan will further focus on the growth of market players and accelerate the gradient cultivation of high-quality enterprises.It is understood that Changsha learned from shenzhen and other areas of the advanced experience and practice, through the “individual to enterprise, small up regulation, regulation to be refined, excellent listing”, actively cultivate unicorns, small giants and other specialized special new enterprises, both to support the listing of enterprises and support the development of enterprises after listing, promote market subjects to upgrade, bigger and stronger.At the same time, the Three-year Action Plan has made deployment in three aspects: “Focusing on the full life cycle of enterprises, deepening the reform of the commercial system”, “focusing on the vitality of market players, effectively reducing operating costs”, “focusing on regulating market order, and strengthening supervision during and after business”.We put forward hard measures to promote high-quality development of market players, such as optimizing market access, assisting enterprises, managing fees and reducing costs.The reporter found that many of them are measures to continuously optimize the business environment with higher standards.For example, the “promise on entry” system was first implemented in Pudong New Area and Lingang New Area in Shanghai in 2021, aiming to solve the problem of “access to the market but not access to the market”.In this regard, Changsha will also explore the reform of the market quasi-marketing system based on the credit of market players, and carry out the pilot of “promise-on-entry system” to improve the convenience of market players’ access to quasi-marketing.Another example is “cities without certificates”, which first appeared in Zhejiang Province and is an extension of the goal of “running at most once” government affairs.Nowadays, “no certificate” has become a shining card in the city’s high-quality development.In this regard, Changsha will continue to carry out the action of “reducing the number of certificates for the convenience of the people”, by standardizing the application materials, implementing electronic certification, implementing department verification, implementing the commitment to inform and other measures, cleaning up, sharing, reducing a number of certificates, to create a “certificate-free city”.To ensure the implementation of various targets and tasks, the Three-year Action Plan identifies relevant leading units and responsible departments, establishes an overall coordination mechanism for promoting high-quality development of market players and a statistical analysis and reporting system, and strengthens routine monitoring, statistical analysis and work scheduling.The introduction of the three-year Action Plan will help speed up the construction of a high-standard market system and boost the construction of a modern new Changsha with the high-quality development of market players.

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