Openly questioned Sun Long’s attitude, but did not let the net friend scold him, Wang Meng defended his son realm was hotly discussed

“I said he can, because I am his teacher, you do not want to net violence.”Since commentary games the first gold ones with high popularity of wang meng, a person take out, commentated the short track speed skating 1500 meters at last night, she hate iron not to produce in live openly questioned disciple Sun Long attitude problem, there is no slip out heat when final struggle, eventually missed the hope of promotion.As you can see, once an short track speed skating team head coach and won four Olympic gold MEDALS, wang meng of short track speed skating team has deep emotions very hope China team to the final, with the help of a home win the benefit of the fierce competition of 1500 m gold medal, but instead, not only Sun Long failed to qualify, broke into the semi-finals of all was foul was sent out,It is really a pity that he is not competing for his third gold medal.In the quarterfinal of men’s 1500 meters short-track speed skating, Sun Long appeared in the second group. Once in the leading position, Sun Did not perform well in the second half of the short track speed skating, and finally only got the fourth place in the group, failing to qualify for the semifinals.As an expert, Wang Meng saw the problem of Sun Long at a glance. He did not crash or fall, and firmly occupied the advantage of the internal track, but was finally eliminated from the competition, it was really a pity, according to Wang Meng, this boy had a problem with the attitude of the competition, and exposed an old story about Sun Long.Wang meng said that when she was the coach of the short-track speed skating team, she sent him straight back to the local team during a competition in Germany.”I don’t like athletes to pose like this, you are a young team member, you dare not fight dare not fight, dare not go beyond the self breakthrough self, give you a chance to do what, directly a big mouth.Wang meng’s words are very direct and very sharp and was able to live in such an evaluation to the Sun Long tell, can also see that she and Sun Long relationship is not general, like wang meng said, I say he is because of the affection between teachers and students, is looked at his growth, his performance is hate iron not Angle, you said he does not make sense.She publicly criticized her apprentice Sun Long’s performance, but did not let the netizens criticize her. It can be seen that wang Meng, who is outspoken, is also unequivocal in protecting her son. This shows that even after leaving the short track speed skating team, she still maintains deep feelings for short track speed skating, and is a selfless support.Like huang and wang meng in the explanation about the Chinese short track speed skating team is now South Korea coach Jin Shantai and naturalized citizenship Russia’s former south koreans, technical manager viktor ahn is facilitate after she came to China, wang meng this mind, giving their own bench to others, if not out of true love, surely no one can do that.

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