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As we all know, the engine as the heart of the car, just like the CPU in the mobile phone, is very important to the car.And what about the power performance of the 2021 2.0TD Automatic Quad-wheel Drive Phantom?On the one hand, the 2021 2.0TD Automatic Four-wheel Drive Phantom is equipped with a 2.0T 238-hp L4 engine with a maximum horsepower of 238Ps, a maximum power of 175kW, a maximum speed of 5500rpm, and a maximum torque of 350N·m.The above configuration, for the same model performance is good, in the driving process can also create a more satisfactory driving experience for the driver.In terms of comfort, the 2021 2.0TD Automatic Four-wheel Drive Phantom received a score of 5.0 on autohome’s Word-of-mouth platform.On the one hand, it not only uses the leather/wool material mixing material seat, soft and hard texture, good ride comfort, on the other hand, 2021 2.0TD automatic four-wheel drive Phantom version also has automatic air conditioning temperature control mode, improve the operation of owners, but also bring a comfortable ride experience

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