“Help escort criminal suspects onto airplanes.” Here’s what they do…

Recently, five police officers from Chengdu Wuhou District Public Security Sub-bureau escorted a criminal suspect to the Police station of Baotou Airport public Security sub-bureau, requesting assistance in handling the boarding procedures of a flight from Baotou to Zhengzhou.It is reported that the suspect was arrested for theft by wuhou district police, but during the bail period, escaped to Baotou, Inner Mongolia, baotou police later arrested, according to the law needs to be sent back to his home.The policemen know the situation after the baotou airport, reviewed the wuhou district of chengdu branch of providing relevant legal documents, in accordance with the cover of the criminal suspect to relevant regulations, issued the “notice of the criminal suspect to help cover, and the criminal suspect for the name for the temporary certificate, will be sent on the airport security and airline crew.After cooperating with airport ground service, security check and crew members, we arranged seats reasonably and boarded the plane in advance without disturbing normal passengers and successfully completed the escort assistance task.Tips: According to Article 69 of China’s Criminal Procedure Law, criminal suspects or defendants who have been granted bail pending trial shall abide by the following provisions: (1) Shall not leave the city or county where they live without the approval of the executing organ;(2) report to the executing organ within 24 hours of any change in address, work unit or contact information;(3) to be present in time when summoned;(4) Not to interfere in any form with the testimony of a witness;(5) They shall not destroy, forge evidence or collude with confessions.The people’s court, the people’s procuratorate and the public security organ may, depending on the circumstances of the case, order the criminal suspect or defendant who has been granted bail pending trial to observe one or more of the following provisions :(1) not to enter a specific place;(2) not to meet with or correspond with specific persons;(3) Not to engage in specific activities;(4) Submit your passport and other exit and entry documents and driving certificates to the executing authority for preservation.If a criminal suspect or defendant who has been granted bail pending trial violates the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs and has already paid the bond, part or all of the bond shall be confiscated, and, depending on the circumstances, the criminal suspect or defendant shall be ordered to sign a statement of repentance, pay the bond again, provide a guarantor, or be placed under residential surveillance or arrested.If it is necessary to arrest those who violate the provisions on obtaining a bail pending trial, the criminal suspect or defendant may be detained first.Contributor: Baotou Airport Public Security Sub-Bureau Contributor: Duan Yunpeng

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