Xingyi Rural Revitalization Bureau focuses on learning Guizhou Regulations on Promoting Civilized Behavior

In order to enhance the awareness of cadres and workers of civilization, promote the cultivation of civilized behavior and promote the establishment of civilized cities in China, recently, Xingyi Rural Revitalization Bureau (Municipal Ecological Immigration Bureau) organized cadres and workers to seriously study the “Guizhou Province Civilized Behavior Promotion Regulations”.Through this study, the cadres and staff of the bureau have a deeper understanding of the Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior in Guizhou Province, and their awareness of civilization has been enhanced. Everyone has said that they will firmly establish the concept of civilization, constrain their own behavior, and strive to be the practitioner of civilized behavior.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Tan Zhi le correspondent Zhou Si cheng editor Peng Zhi Li editor Chen Zuyu

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