To fight the epidemic together, persistence is victory!

This spring has been unusual.Just as we were going full steam ahead, we had to press the pause button because of repeated outbreaks.Cadres, workers, peasants…Everyone is anxious, are looking forward to the epidemic quickly passed.But all talk and no action will do.What we need now is neither prayer, nor waiting, nor wait-and-see. What we need now is for everyone to work together to stay the course and fight the epidemic together.We must adhere to overall planning.The epidemic is a disaster affecting the whole society. Only the Party and the government are the core forces in fighting the epidemic.The CPC Central Committee plans the whole China, the provincial Party Committee and provincial government plans the whole Hebei Province, the Municipal Party committee and municipal government plans the whole Baoding City, and the county party committee and county government plans the whole Wangdu County…Without the unified command of the Party and the government, no single force can overcome this disaster independently.We must act in unison. We must follow orders, one voice to the end, one command to the end, one rule to the end, one effort to the end.We should stick to cooperation.”A fence three stakes, a hero three help” is no one can understand the truth, fighting alone can only fail.This rule applies to all countries, provinces, cities, counties, towns and villages, and organizations, and is the only way to achieve total victory.At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in other counties and cities is grim. We should lend each other a helping hand.The “retrograde” support of angels in white reflects the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance of “when one party is in trouble, all parties provide support”.Any thoughts and actions that only focus on the interests of a small group at the moment are cutting off their own limbs and burning their Bridges.We must adhere to the people’s feelings.Food for the people, loyal to the people.Every leading cadre of a Party member is, first and foremost, a public servant of the people and serves the common people.We should not only have the ability to serve the people, but also have the passion to serve the people.In particular, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic has tested our ability to coordinate, to cooperate, and, in the final analysis, to serve the people.Only by keeping in mind the needs of the people can we unleash the boundless wisdom and boundless power of serving the people.Only for the people’s psychological preparation is adequate, the real people as relatives of the emotion in place, no matter big or small, will become our service people, highlight the party cadres moral image of the excellent opportunity and the best platform.The epidemic is a touchstone to test the support of the people.Is also a whetstone, grinding of human nature, the party.As long as we break the small pattern, the county of one heart, unity and look forward, overcome difficulties do not slant, the dawn of victory will certainly appear in front.Persistence is victory!Propaganda department special commentator Yu Lanru original title: “fight the epidemic, persistence is victory!”

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