Power games welcomes the universiade | longquan street land curling game ended

Help the Winter Olympics, together to the future.In order to convey the passion of the Winter Olympic Games, welcome the 31st World University Games in 2021, enrich the cultural and sports life of the residents, further improve the team spirit and life quality of the residents in the area, and set off the climax of national fitness, On February 14, longquan street land curling competition was held in Xiangyang Middle School.28 community teams, the public to compete, on-site observation, sharing fun.Street Party working committee deputy secretary, director of the office Niu Zhongjiang pre-game speech.Land curling is a simple version of curling in the Winter Olympic Games. The competition rules of curling are basically the same with curling, but the ball is lighter and does not cost a lot of money to make ice. It breaks through the venue limit and can be popularized better.In the formal group competition, the players of each group were very interested in participating in it. They realized that every curling throw was very important, so they discussed tactics from time to time. The athletes concentrated on throwing accurately and hit the “bull’s eye” skillfully, which won cheers from the crowd watching the match.In the end, the competition out of the championship.”It’s so participatory and fun!It is not only the perfect combination of wisdom and confrontation, but also the perfect combination of strategy and tactics.A rider says, the competition is to let everybody know its, stimulating the enthusiasm of the participation of ice and snow sports, will increase the exchanges, promote the fitness consciousness, will take concrete actions to actively promote the development of the national fitness campaign, preheating of the upcoming the 31st college students summer games, build up good sports atmosphere.Contribution: Cultural service station, comprehensive office

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