Jia Nailiang live lottery god coincidence, lucky audience “Li Lane”, the net friend called straight through the air for compound

On February 19, some netizens revealed recently smile studio to draw three good lucky audience list, list the final display of unexpectedly is “li mou some, small xyz and road”, just three names even read the first name is “lee lane”, it is no wonder that many people have said even dare not to write the novel coincidence, bulk li xiaolu ha ha is!For “Li Xiaolu” three words appeared in the broadcast room, it seems that Jia Nailiang did not have any big facial expressions, look at the expression is still calm, seems not to be affected by these words, praised the psychological quality is too strong!However, some netizens said that it looked like Jia’s face was green, and the studio was embarrassed and couldn’t say anything. They just changed the subject immediately, and many netizens joked about him: “This is fate!”Soon afterwards even spread the news that two people want to compound on the net, after all this kind of chance is simply more difficult than winning the lottery, this is also a kind of inexplicable fate, maybe there is the possibility of remarriage after ah!There is also speculation that this is not the staff deliberately?Guess Jia Nailiang disguised love for composite, there are also netizens pointed out that this is the precise push of big data, it can be seen that the fate of the two people is really very deep ah!After the event ferment intensified, there are many netizens mocking Jia Nailiang li Xiaolu’s heat and so on, and even a netizen for Jia Nailiang refuted rumors, claiming that the winning list is another person, but in fact, part of the refuted rumors is before the video, there are a lot of live broadcast fans said it is true.And about “Jia Nailiang broadcast room lucky audience familiar” also quickly hot search, netizens have joked about “this damn fate”, thought it was a joke and marketing means, never thought it was true, it is too coincidence, two people quickly remarry it!Earlier now smile live busy with goods, because goods grades bright eye, creating over ten hours 120 million good grades, brother smile has already become the new take the goods, to live with the goods look focus will now cause the smile, also has a bright eye, but also often be netizen, may look live smile against the belt made millions.Contrast Jia Nailiang busy work, Li Xiaolu is busy with baby to enjoy life, since the outbreak of the event before, Li Xiaolu’s popularity plummeted, also rarely appear on the big screen, once became the object of attack by netizens.But it seems that Li Xiaolu has not been greatly affected, every time the sun is called by netizens straight girl feeling, completely unlike the 40-year-old mother ah!But social networking sites are still often exposed to their daily share, in addition to the sweet xin will occasionally appear, Li Xiaolu also recently shared the situation, in addition to the baby but also skiing dancing, writing songs and so on, it seems that life is quite natural and unrestrained.This coincidence also let many netizens say the fate of two people is too perfect, just don’t know how to think, two people will also because this coincidence events make many netizens urged the two men to remarry, some netizens said before there are even guess they may have to remarry, she said found even guess this is the man’s team in testing the attitude of the fans,I wonder if they’ll get back together!

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